Five UCLA players to watch

Published: Thursday, Nov. 10 2011 4:24 p.m. MST

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Frisco, TX

Bruins 31, Utes 13. Mark it down.

Las Vegas, NV

This will be an easy Utah win.

Chow knows everything about Prince and UCLA.

Bruins have won 3 out of their last 16 road games in PAC-12 play.

UCLA in the snow, in Salt Lake, at the high altitude, equals big win for UTAH.

I hear the words now......BOWL ELIGIBLE.

Could anyone have ever imagined watching the Utes play 8 BCS opponents in a row? This is so fun and cool, GO UTES!

Ute Fan In Utah County
Spanish Fork, UT

Utes 28, Bruins 14. Mark it down.

Iowa City, IA

This will be a tough game.

What the Utes need to do is:

1) Shut down the two solid RBs and force Prince into making mistakes.
2) Protect the ball on offense.
3) Jump off to an early lead.

Pretty much what the Utes did v Zona and OSU. Pretty much what UCLA will be trying to do. Here's hoping the Utes beat them to the punch.

Utes by 3. But don't bother marking it down, as that always comes back to bite the predictor in the behind.

Go Utes!

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