Rock On: Getting real at BYU, Weber State

Published: Monday, Aug. 25 2014 6:53 p.m. MDT


Sometimes people get a sense they’re not wanted.

Other times, it’s more than a sense.

Weber State offensive lineman Tui Crichton, a transfer from BYU, told the Standard-Examiner he was pink-slipped by the Cougars — which was OK with him.

“I feel like players here are more sure of themselves, as opposed to BYU. People are more in their shells, I guess you could say. Not everything’s out and open and honest as much as it is over here,” he said. “I went to BYU for three years, and coming from there to here is just day and night. I just feel like people here are more real.”

Seems like inviting a player to transfer is about as real as it gets, isn’t it?

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Spanish Fork, UT

Me thinks the Tui doth protest a bit too much... real schmeel. One who isn't real is fake...and Tui was one of the fakers for 3 years. Who'd a thought.

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