20 of the most influential and innovative Hollywood films of all time

Published: Tuesday, Aug. 26 2014 3:02 a.m. MDT

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Suzanne Collins' young adult fiction series may not have been the first of its kind, but it certainly holds a place as the beginning of a new era for young adult literature. The Hunger Games films are no different.

Not only have the films (there are still two more on the way) proven to studios that female protagonists are bankable at the box office, but studios have also sought to emulate the hype and discussion that have surrounded the films. Since the release and success of "The Hunger Games" other YA dystopian novels have quickly been produced to cash in on the trend. Even older YA novels, such as "Ender's Game" and "The Giver," that struggled to make it to the screen were quickly produced in the wake of the massive success of The Hunger Games.

While it may be true that the Jennifer Lawrence films rode the wave of a Harry Potter-less world, it is arguable that Collins' films not only filled the void, but changed the game. No longer are studios yearning for magic and wizardry, a politically bleak future will do just fine.

In fact, in true Harry Potter fashion, it has been recently announced that a theme park based on the books and films is currently in the works.
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Understands Math
Lacey, WA

Headline correction: "The most influential and innovative Hollywood films of all time."

Chandler, AZ

Interesting about Roger Rabbit and The Little Mermaid. I was a kid when they both came out and have always wondered how the rebirth of Disney animation came about.

Bill McGee
Alpine, UT

If I had to make a list of the 20 most influential films, I wouldn't include most of these. I suppose they are influential in a popcorn movie sort of way, but if you consider film to be an art form, this list needs to be radically overhauled. For example, it is massively over-rotated on adventure/comic book/CGI-heavy films. Where's The Godfather or Raging Bull or Gandhi or Lawrence of Arabia or Blade Runner or Pulp Fiction or On The Waterfront? What about other iconic genres like Westerns? 20 should be the cream of the crop. This is not even close.

Salt Lake , UT

Personally I thought " Gone With The Wind" or "The Ten Commandments" would be in there.

American Fork, UT

These 'scroll through the list one page at a time' things don't work well on a mobile data plan. That's too bad, because I can't comment for sure, but I'd bet 'Blues Brothers' isn't on the list. It should be.

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