The 20 best cities to live in for first-time homeowners

Published: Wednesday, Aug. 20 2014 10:27 p.m. MDT

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WalletHub compared the 300 largest U.S. cities and ranked them by how friendly they are to first-time homeowners. Some of the requirements of being a homeowner-friendly town include having a high median annual income (Texas towns Frisco, Allen, and McKinney, which all feature on this list, are in the top 5 for this category), housing affordability, low real estate tax, and a low property crime rate, among other factors. Listed here are the top 20 towns with the best average scores in affordability, real estate market, and "community environment."
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Mesilla/USA, NM

The 300 largest cities? The twenty best cities for first-time home ownership in the US? Really. I thought I was reading a different list than the one described in the introduction. That is not to say that these aren't great places, but none of them are among the largest cities, and only towns in four states made the cut? Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Arizona? And when you get right down to it, only three towns were outside of Colorado or Texas. This is really hard to believe.

Beaverton, OR

If you're a first-time home buyer and looking for affordability, forget about the Pacific Northwest or the big cities of the Northeast. And if livability is important, most big cities won't qualify (think Phoenix or LA). And to find low real estate tax you're going to be living in some out of the way places, like smaller cities in Texas and Oklahoma . . .

Layton, UT

Utah isn't on the list... which makes sense. Real Estate in utah remains overinflated, and not friendly to first timers. The cost of living in utah is totes cray-cray!

Ridgefield, WA

Right from the start of this list, I questioned one aspect of their criteria: that it have high median income. First time buyers do not often have a high median income.

Can a first time buyer afford a home in Fort Collins, Colorado, which is ranked as 95th in affordability? And I agree with rondonaghe about having the list include only 4 states. Are affordable homes hard to find in all the other states?

American Fork, UT

This list is ridiculous for so many reasons. uuuugggghhh!

Anonymous Infinity
American Fork, UT

Ametican Fork, UT

Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma? Yes! No state taxes in Texas. There are lots of other places to live inexpensively as well. The cost of living and safety of living in metropolitan areas of the country, anywhere, is high and there dangerous areas of big cities.

Logan, UT

From what I understood in this article was these towns fell into the 300 largest cities most likely because of population and they selected the best for first time buyers. So why all the fuss. This makes sense. I have been in a number of these cities and they are larger then you may realize. Gilbert, Az is growing like crazy and a very nice and lovely town. McKinney, Texas is a hidden delight just above Dallas. I thought these towns fell right in line with the article.
I'm coming to believe that the only reason people comment is to be negative which reflects the quality of their lives.

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