70 things you might not know about your favorite Pixar movies

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John Ratzenberger voices a character in each of the Pixar films released thus far, and the studio's not afraid to poke fun at this fact. His characters are as follows:

Toy Story: Hamm
A Bug's Life: P.T. Flea
Toy Story 2: Hamm
Monsters, Inc.: Yeti
Finding Nemo: The school of fish
The Incredibles: The Underminder
Cars: Mack
Ratatouille: Mustafa
Wall-E: John
Up: Tom, the construction foreman
Toy Story 3: Hamm
Cars 2: Mack
Brave: Gordon
Monsters University: Yeti
Inside Out: Fritz
The Good Dinosaur: Earl

The John Ratzenberger-Pixar tradition was almost broken with "The Incredibles," but Brad Bird decided at the last minute that he didn't want to be the one who broke it and had Ratzenberger voice the Underminer.

Actress Bonnie Hunt hasn't voiced quite as many Pixar characters, but she appears in almost half:

A Bug's Life: Rosie the spider
Monster's Inc: Flint
Cars: Sally
Cars 2: Sally
Monsters University: Mrs. Graves
Toy Story 3: Dolly
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