Education in the US: WalletHub's best, worst school system rankings and more

Published: Friday, Aug. 8 2014 8:44 a.m. MDT

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State: New Jersey
Overall rank: No. 1 best school system

New Jersey took fourth in the U.S. for having the highest math test scores, tied for fourth in having the highest reading test scores, has the fifth lowest pupil-to-teacher ratio in the U.S. and tied in the No. 5 spot with Oklahoma in the safest schools category, according to WalletHub.

WalletHub's ranking comes from an examination of 12 key metrics: The presence of public schools in the top 700 Best US Schools, remote learning opportunities from online public schools, dropout rates, the percentage of children who repeat one or more grades, bookworms, pupil-to-teacher ratios, math and reading test scores, reports of threats or injuries on school property, the rate of bullying incidents, the percentage of people older than 25 with a bachelor's degree or higher, and the state's Champlain University High School Financial Literacy Grade.

Here's a look at other New Jersey education data:

Public school enrollment, fall 2011: 1,361,813

Students enrolled per teacher in public K-12 schools, 2011: 12

Total instructional staff in public K-12 schools, 2011-2012: 139,988

Public school spending per pupil, fiscal year 2012: $17,266

Average salaries of public school teachers, 2011-2012: $67,078

Public high school dropout rate, 2011-2012: 1.4

State's presence in the U.S. News Best High Schools rankings: 76 schools out of 398

Electronically bullied: 14.8

Bullied on school property: 21.3

Student financial literacy grade: B

High school graduate or higher, age 25+ (2008-2012): 87.9 percent

Bachelor's degree or higher, age 25+ (2008-2012): 35.4 percent

>> As Camden Mayor Dana Redd, seated center, and Camden schools superintendent Paymon Rouhanifard, seated right, look on, elementary school students raise their hands to ask New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, seated left, a question during a meeting at Riletta Twyne Cream school in Camden, N.J., Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2013.
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Orem Parent
Orem, UT

Yeah it would be incredible to see what Utah could do with even average educational funding. Sadly we will probably never find out. A big thank you to all of the teachers in Utah that make our extremely underfunded system still work somehow.

Kings Court
Alpine, UT

Good job, teachers. My message to the legislature is to step it up. Our teachers do an amazing job despite having such a lousy group of anti-education politicians who serve on their own super-school board, running the school system for all of Utah.

Mcallen, TX

Lack of money, is not the problem with education.

If money was the solution, we would have the best educated people in the world.

Fix the mismanagement, and priorities. It's just that simple.


The public school system is a financial loss leader that is guided by self-serving left wing radicals in the NEA and many of the States shown to have the poorest schools. There is also some very sad racial and cultural mores that encourage and glorify ignorance and entitlement in many of the States mentioned. It's not going to change until we eliminate the public school system as it's now structured, starting with the NEA, the Federal Government and teachers unions which are nothing more than legal thugs, and return to basics, like, well jeez, American History.

Provo, Utah

Sorry, Deseret News, but you promised a list and this is not a list. With a list, I could have seen Utah's standing in about 3 seconds as well as how it compared with all the other 50 states. Instead you force your readers to wade through a slide show. Please give the the list and then provide the slide show for any who really want (and have time) to wade through all of the gory details.

Midwest Mom
Soldiers Grove, WI

If someone studied their American History a little better, they might learn about the important role that organized labor has made to the quality of life in this country.


HIGHLANDER56 As I glance over the lists of best and worst, I sure see a lot of Republican dominated states in the lowest ranks and more of the "purple" states in the higher rankings.

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