The richest American per state

Published: Wednesday, Aug. 6 2014 11:35 p.m. MDT

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The poorest person on this list is worth $500 million. The website Movoto created a map listing the richest person living within each U.S. state, and here we have compiled the data from every state into a list, starting with the least-rich rich person (sorry Alaska) and working upwards to the staggeringly wealthy. Utah's wealthiest citizen, Jon Huntsman Sr., comes in at 44th place with a net worth of $1.1 billion.
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American Fork, UT

I would imagine after the first half billion the rest feels about the same. It's hard for most of us to comprehend that amount of money.

Kings Court
Alpine, UT

Way to go Wyoming and Idaho! You beat out Utah.

Don Bugg
Prince Frederick, MD

How is it a good thing that Wyoming and Idaho have even more absurd amounts of wealth concentrated in one individual?

St. George, UT

It seems the vast majority of these people were founders of companies. America gave them the opportunity and they took advantage of that opportunity. Even those who are offspring of the founders apparently have enough ability to continue successfully running their companies. I also noticed many mentions of donations to charitable institutions. I don't know about their dark sides :-), but it is nice to see people succeed and then share.

Salt Lake City, UT

wow....not a single one of them made their money from BIG Govt.......maybe that is why Obama and the libs are tanking in the polls!

Provo, UT

If we understand the TRUTH, government is not intended as a way to acquire wealth. Thank you, Captain Obvious. However, I'm not sure which polls he's talking about. Fox News polls don't count, we need unbiased reporting. As was pointed out, most of the wealth came from founding a viable business and then working hard at it. A few of this list made money from hedge funds, which is perhaps less admirable, but it happens.

The best part of it is the attitude of philanthropy that marks several. Huntsman, Jr. has given away a billion dollars himself, which would put him right in the Gates/Buffet ideal of giving away at least half.


I guess my efforts at selling gum wrappers at an early age never quite took off the way I hoped. Could have been right up there with these guys.

Salt Lake City, Utah

just thought I'd try making a bland, non political statement with no real meat in it in hopes the deseret news staff will let it pass. i think im on their censor before read list. maybe i don't make enough money. see guys, no capitalization, no sarcasm (maybe a little).

water rocket
Magna, UT

For those who own professional sports teams, it should be noted that by federal law they pay NO income taxes on the income from those teams. I could be a lot richer today is I didn't have to pay so much income taxes.

Mchenry, IL

When you take all the profits and don't pay people you can put away a tidy sum.

Pickerington, OH

@TRUTH - Walmart corp is one of the biggest recipients of welfare support, by paying low wages and then telling their employees to seek government welfare. They aren't the only ones, by far, but it is naive to say that some of this wealth didn't receive a significant "hand out" from the government through various means. I don't begrudge people their wealth, but let's be realistic and honest about how it all happens. If hard work and initiative were the main contributors to wealth, then most women in Africa would be rich too. I hope the ultra rich, as well as all of us, will be generous and give back.

Ogden, UT

Now that explains everything! For every Success Story there is a Unsolved Crime.
notice how the highest welfare governed states are conservative and they kickback and suck the most off the Fed, and yet, have the highest Taxation they call Revenue off the Tax Payers.
A Billion of Kickbacks for Corporate favored Legislation. Not Surprising, with that Reverse Psychology Propaganda Talk about Bigger Government to be deregulated to in order to let the county by county, state by state to be taken over until they are the largest government to control the people who choose to have a republic governed by and for the people, not by the conservative for corporatist sponsored government.


A number of the richest in this list seem to have inherited billions from the founder of Walmart.

I think that many also were good at, and devoted to, making a huge amount of money and kept to themselves so much that they didn't pay their employees, who also produced the wealth (enough for both their needs and the wants of the corporate boss), enough to live on in a very secure or dignified way. Honestly I thnk people tend to worship wealth and they that have it. We need entrepreneurial skills but we also need the humanity to appropriately reward those that do what is necessary to bring it about

Dr. Thom
Long Beach, CA

Ever wonder who the poorest people are in these states? That would make a great summit to have all 100 on the same stage answering the same questions on jobs, education and the economy.

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