10 things you never knew about the FBI

Published: Sunday, July 27 2014 11:25 p.m. MDT

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation turns 106 this July. In honor of the anniversary of this American institution, whose mission statement is to "help protect you, your children, your communities, and your businesses from the most dangerous threats facing our nation," we have compiled a list of ten little-known facts about the FBI.

Unless otherwise specified, all information comes from the FBI website.

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Springville, UT

Let's be clear, if one believes in the Constitution and the rule of law, in freedom and the American vision, Hoover was the worst thing to ever happen to this country.

Eagle Mountain, UT

I believe it is necessary for the government to be able to monitor those who they suspect could be a threat to this country. I think that only the guilty need to be afraid of being monitored by the government. I have no problem with them investigating me or anyone else. Hoover lived in a much different time and set of circumstances but he did do a lot of good for our country and was successful in completing what he was hired for. He did cross the line many times and he was a bully. He would probably be prosecuted if he had tried some of his tactics in the last 30 years.

Bountiful, UT

Some counterpoint:

Some (not me) would also conclude that Barrack Obama was the worst thing to ever happen to this country.

Others (again not me) would also conclude that George W. Bush was the worst thing to ever happen to this country.

wee willie
Vancouver, WA

Dear Esquire: Respectfully, you are dead wrong. You failed to mention Barry; his toady, Eric Holder; and a supporting cast of living characters too numerous to mention.

Atlanta, GA

Esquire, Hoover was the worst thing to ever happen to the US? Wow, you are seriously in need of a remedial class in American history. Hoover did gain too much power and influence, and did things that would not be tolerated today. I worked for him for a couple of years before he died, and for a couple of directors that came after him. Hoover's power did a lot of good for the USA, despite those abuses that harmed some people. He was not a perfect man, nor a perfect Director, But history will judge him as a powerful influence in upgrading the professionalism, competency, and investigative prowess of the FBI, from which all of us, including you, have benefited in one way or another.


Springville, UT

One can defend the Constitution, rule of law, believe in the American Dream and freedom and still be among the worst people to have ever been inflicted upon this great nation. A recent example would be Jimmy Carter. He wasn't evil and did all he could to lead this nation into continued greatness, but, the people voted in an inexperienced idealist. Instead of leading the country into greatness, he led it into mediocrity, double digit home interest rates, high gasoline prices and hyperinflation. And less we forget, he also was responsible for botching one of the single worse examples of foreign policy in losing our Iranian Embassy.

Others can find other examples on either side of the isle (anyone remember Joseph McCarthy?). Obama may still pull his legacy out of the fire. I doubt it, but, he still has a couple of years. However, I don't think anyone can come to any other conclusion than the one that Hoover was a tyrant who let power go to his head and insult everything this country was supposed to have stood for.

olivehurst, CA

Good background material about the tickings of the fbi. clint eastwood made it appear that bobby kennedy mocked hoover's fight against communism in his movie j.edgar starring l.dicaprio. however the actual hoffa hearings from the movie "HOFFA' document that bobby kennedy attacked hoffa as a communist...a charge hoffa called "tagged as a communist".

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