See what the pioneers thought, felt as they first came to the Salt Lake Valley

"It has its hideousness, it has its beauty, nor are they separated in the depths of any mind that has known them. A hard, resistant folk had found a hard, resistant land, and they would grow to fit one another."

Bernard DeVoto
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Provo, UT

What great people! Their expressions, in seeing the valley in the tops of the mountains, are poetic and faith filled...They have left worthy footprints to follow. Love the pioneers and July in Utah!

Julie gluten free mother

As I sit in my cool and comfortable house waiting to leave in my air conditioned car to drive to a nice cool movie theater I appreciate the moment to remember the pioneers and all they suffered. Some people consider Utah the laughing stock of the country due to it's strange liquor laws etc. But the state is here because people with strong beliefs settled the state and have descendants with the same beliefs. I am proud to be part of a state the rest of the country mocks. We are a state where people are willing to run for office and fight to keep our laws. We are a state where people take the time to vote for those men and women. I see comments from people complaining and always suggest they run for office and work to get people to vote for them. You get what you work for. I love this state.

BYU Track Star
Los Angeles, CA

Let's remember to thank the earlier Donner Party for cutting a path for Wagons down Emigration Canyon. Otherwise we would be celebrating Pioneer day in Mid-August rather than Late July.

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