Top 5 commit performances for Week 10

Published: Tuesday, Oct. 25 2011 11:22 a.m. MDT

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Hansen had a similar game to Nelson, rushing the ball nine times for 102 yards and throwing it for 74 yards on 5-for-13 passing. Three of his five passes went for touchdowns, however, in Lone Peak's 52-20 win over Lehi.
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Cedar Hills, UT

Wow - Utah definitely got the best of this deal. You can start to see now the power of the Pac 12. Hansen of LP is a prime example. I'm surprised BYU didn't try to match 6'4" Hansen of LP by going after 5'8" Nelson of Logan at QB. BYU loves these 5'8" Nelson QB's after all!!

San Diego, CA

Dear Patriot,
BYU is fully loaded at Quarterback for many years to come. Drool all you want over Chase Hansen, but BYU is in great shape at quarterback with Elite 11 co-MVP Tanner Mangum headed to Provo. Matt Hadley seems to have a lock on the No. 1 spot for weekly performances of incoming recruits. This is the first week in awhile for Utah to have 2 recruits mentioned, along with 2 from BYU, which has had 3 in a couple of the recent weekly listings. Your assessment that Utah is dominating the recruiting battles shows your red bias.

Salt Lake city, UT

pretty sure byu's last elite 11 mvp wowed us all to the bench. i don't put tons of stock in "big name" recruits until after they've put in time with the program. there's too much to factor in, especially for the utah schools as most of these kids that show up on these lists will be lds mission kids.


@Patriot - Why does Scout rank BYU's current recruiting class 34th and Utah's 65th?

Also, I'm not sure why BYU would go after Nelson when they have Hill and Mangum just to name a couple coming in. I'm not sure Nelson would see that as the best situation for his playing prospects either.


"Williams had a very efficient day running the football during his team's 51-0 win over Patriot."

Sorry Patriot, LOL


Eric weddle.... One star recruit.... Started as a freshman...... NEVER lost to byu...... Highest paid safety in the league...... Rating kids out of high school does NOTHING for the kid or the school. Latest example? The savior/future greatest QB, Jake heaps.

Spanish Fork, UT


Do you not remember Harline is still open. I am pretty sure that Weddle was the db on that final play that did not make a play. He is a great player but he did in fact lose to BYU!


@ Ramarama Weddle never lost to BYU?? Do you not recall Beck to Harline? @ patriot what is Utah's record in the Pac-12? Not as good as BYU's, one of those 5'8 "Nelson" QB's has BYU out to 6-2 record. Guess a 5'8 "Nelson" QB is better that a Division 2 John Hays.

West Jordan, UT

So when BYU has a higher over all recruiting class, Utes bring the Eric Weddle stories? But when Utah looks to have a few good recruits upcoming, its all because of the Pac12 and star rankings are gospel and thats what we should expect to see from here on out?

Just like U always wanting it both ways.

Big Hapa
Kaysville, UT

Very bizarre ! How can anyone from Plano TX know anything about a kid from Logan Utah ? Or for that matter know anything about any of these Utah High school football players ?

Make comments about Texas talent at least you would display some class and a little relevance.

Richmond, UT

Also "Patriot", Utah recruited Hansen to play linebacker, not QB. I know it's depressing to read anything about your team, but please don't try to start a BYU vs. Utah debate unless you actually know something about your team.


Cougar Fans are under some illusion that that their team is good. They have lost to every decent team they played, Old miss is terrible so they dont count as being good. They lost to Texas, Utah (54-10), and TCU the only respectable teams on their schedule. Just because you beat a few WAC teams and a division III school does not make you good. Riley will lead you to the promise land that is the Armed Forces bowl, and Heaps will be gone next year. Your beloved Cougars and independant nobody who will play for nothing every year. The Big 12 didnt want to add another bottom feeder in BYU. So hold on to your seats cougar fans as you copntinue to dominate your stellar competition.

salt lake city, utah

Kid from Logan Utah just set another state record in the state semi-final game: most total offensive yards: 600+.


BYU fans are apparently high. Yes, BYU will finish the regular season 9-3. If Utah had their schedule, they'd be calling Utah BCS busters. The Utes would be undefeated, or at worst have one loss at TCU. If BYU had Utah's schedule, they would have 2 or 3 wins. Oregon State, Arizona(maybe), and Colorado. Montana State would have beaten BYU, Pitt would have too. BYU may have a shot at Wazzu, but after they smoked ASU last week, I'm not so sure. Whether or not BYU has better projected recruits doesn't matter if they continue to lose to the Utes, and they will. BYU will win 8-9 games as long as they play the bottom of the WAC. They will lose to Boise and any major conference teams they play. Utah won't schedule USU and BYU the same year after next year. Utah only gets 3 non-conference games using 2 of them on instate teams is a waste. It benefits Utah nothing to smack BYU yearly, their S.O.S. will be so low, it won't help Utah's BCS ranking. Have fun in the WAC, USU will beat the Cougs regularly too.

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