The 10 most livable small towns

Published: Wednesday, July 23 2014 12:50 a.m. MDT

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A list of the most livable small towns in 2014 has just been released by the website Livability, and Heber City, Utah, has made the cut. To qualify, a town must have a population of less than 20,000. The criteria included "cost of living, health-care spending, racial and socioeconomic diversity, adult obesity, crime, civic engagement, air quality and natural amenities," according to the website, although other factors were considered as well. All data came from Livability, except for the census data on Los Alamos which came from City Data.
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Brighton, CO

I find it peculiar that adult obesity is one of the criteria. Are they saying, "Nobody wants to live with fat people?"


Helmigr, I think that the adult obesity issue reflects a general healthy, fit, type of community. I don't think it is meant as an insult to obese people. It may reflect the types of sporting venues, trails, restaurants, and general mindset, of that small community. In some places people like to sit on their front porch, smoke, watch t.v., or go to the doughnut shop for entertainment. Other communities you find many people hiking, running, or eating amazing salads at a popular restaurant known for locally grown fresh food, etc.. Health plays a factor in quality of life.

Gilbert, AZ

Don't want to live by fat people? Too bad for my neighbors!

Brighton, CO

Daisy5, obesity is a condition, not a mindset. If the article had stated "healthy lifestyle" as a criterion it would have accomplished the same thing without the barbs. I take from this article that a mother of six whose husband spends a lot of time traveling for work is likely to not going to fit into the stereotype of Halley, ID.

Farmington, UT

I'm from Heber City so I might be bias it is very pretty there. :) Although, living in a small town when I was young I found that some people made it their business to know everyone's business. Anything I said or did made to the sewing factory where my mother worked before I even got home from school, not cool!

Frank Fourth
New York, NY

My understanding is that several General Authorities have their summer homes there so it must be a good place.

Glendora, CA

Sorry. But it's way too cold and windy there, in the winter. I'll stick with where I live and have my town remain off their radar, thank you.

Oh, please!
Saint George, UT

Regarding previous comments...I submit that obesity IS a condition brought on by a mindset.

I believe that the number of people who are truly obese because of a legitimate medical issue (i.e. thyroid disease for some) is MINISCULE and the rest of us overweight people (me included) are just lazy and complacent.

Heber City, UT

"... filled with unpretentious people who want to preserve what makes their places unique."
"Their downtowns remain homages to the past, offering unhurried atmospheres "

As anyone who has lived there the last half century can tell you, Heber, sadly, does not meet these criteria listed on this single, obscure web site. Aside from a few old iconic businesses and a few new buildings that used sandstone, our downtown has become a traffic-choked monument to a lack of planning. Just this week we are tearing down more old Main Street houses to enlarge a car lot across from our city park in the center of town.

However, "educational assets" is also listed, and Heber has some of the best for a town it's size.


Does sound like an elitist would thrive there, the article could have used a term less offensive.
Recent studies have shown that not all overweight people are unhealthy or have medical problems just as skinny people are not as healthy as an obese person.
Article read as though it was written by a social engineer after an overload of granola in their system.

Taylorsville, UT

There are a lot of comments re obesity, but none on the quality of air in Feb after a week of high pressure. The view from HC in any direction is a pall of wood smoke pouring down Provo Canyon.

Salt lake city, UT

Heber City has that very busy highway going right through the town. Nothing quaint about that traffic! Too many fast food joints and strip malls. However, there are some very pretty areas off the beaten path. The Provo river, the view from Timberlakes, etc.
The town sure did change in the last twenty years.

Sandy, UT

Gotta have that "diversity" you know. You don't want EVERYONE to be productive and decent, because it would just be too boring. Yes, let's all bow down to the god of "diversity" so we'll fit right in.

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