Watch list roundup: 22 local players named candidates for 2014 college football awards

Published: Friday, July 18 2014 8:16 a.m. MDT

With college football season inching closer, national pundits and organizations have been releasing award watch lists in abundance.

While it's been several years since a college football player from a Utah school has earned one of the nation's premier individual awards, several local athletes have found their names included among the nation's elite.

Here is a look at 22 players from Utah FBS schools that have made these recently released award watch lists:

Editor's note: The list has been updated to include two additional players named to watch lists after the article's initial posting.

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Ogden, UT

Congratulations to all of the players named. I hope they all have great seasons.

springville, UT

2 of the 3 guys the uties have on this list are kickers....

ha ha ha, is it possible to be the door mat to the pac ten door mats?

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

School / # of Players / # of Lists

utah / 3 / 7

byu / 10 / 19

USU / 7 / 15

I guess these lists don't take into account a power conference? LOL

West Jordan, UT

For the sake of all the readers, I have summaries the number of players and watch lists per school:

BYU: 10 Players on 19 National Watch Lists
Utah State: 7 Players on 15 National Watch Lists
Utah: 3 Players on 7 National Watch Lists

River Falls, WI

There go BYU and the Deseret News with their pre-season hype once again... oh wait, there are national award lists? How is it that BYU has infiltrated the national media, we all know their SOS is worse than Utah's.

River Falls, WI

There go BYU and the Deseret News with their pre-season hype once again... oh wait, there are national award lists? How is it that BYU has infiltrated the national media, we all know their SOS is worse than Utah's.

Tomahawk Red
North Salt Lake, UT

Pretty bad that Utah has only three players on these lists, even if they are meaningless. Which they are.

But the fact that no defensive player (Utah's supposed specialty) or skill players other than Anderson made the lists indicates that no one is expecting anything from Utah this year... not even on an individual basis. That's pretty low.

I'm not sure if the watch lists overlooked anyone either. Kenneth Scott should be good but he didn't do anything last year to warrant inclusion. Blechen is in the same boat. Eric Rowe is probably not good enough to warrant inclusion. Wilson was hurt for the second half last year, so there goes his candidacy. None of the RBs should be there. Maybe a couple on the OL or DL could have made a case for inclusion. But it didn't happen, and now Utah is getting no respect. And they probably shouldn't be.

The only hope for Utah fans is that the team plays with a chip on its shoulder and surprises this year. Personally, I predict 4 or 5 wins this year.

Ute Fan In Utah County
Spanish Fork, UT

BYU 2014-2015 Football Schedule

Previous season record


Texas 8-5

Houston 8-5

Virginia 2-10

Utah State 9-5

UCF 12-1

Nevada 4-8

Boise State 8-5

Middle Tennessee 8-5

UNLV 7-6

Savannah State 1-11

California 1-11

Total Win Loss : 71-81

University Of Utah 2014-2015 Schedule

Previous season record

Idaho State 3-9
Fresno State 11-2
Michigan 7-6
Washington ST 6-7
UCLA 10-3
Oregon State 7-6
USC 10-4
Arizona State 10-4
Oregon 11-2
Stanford 11-3
Arizona 8-5
Colorado 4-8


This is why there are not many Utah players on the pre-season watch lists.

Uncle festis
Pasadena, CA

In what world is Remington peck better than Nate orchard?

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Max-was-right

A good kicker is very important. Utah's Sugar bowl season probably wouldn't have happened without Sakota, or if TCU had a decent kicker.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

UofU made the SOS Watch List. Thanks Ute Fan In Utah County.

SOS doesn't mean squat unless there are wins to back it up. Also, last year's record of this year's opponents doesn't usually correlate well.

But this is all pre-season fluff anyway. Cougars can own the off-season, but won't get real respect until they overachieve in the season.


Jason R
Sandy, UT

@ Ute Fan In Utah County

I didn't know the teams future schedule determines who gets put on the watch lists... In fact... that isn't factored in at all. Must have graduated from Utah.

Syracuse, UT

Once again National respect comes into play. It really appears that BYU and USU are totally relevant while the u remains irrelevant and without respect no matter what spin comes from the hill. I guess it is all downhill on the hill.

Darren Rowe
Heber City, UT

As much as I would love to say that this is a big deal that BYU has as many players as utah and USU combined... It's not.

This is great for these players. They have all earned it, and I wish them all the best this year.

But it means nothing. The award list at the end of the year is much different than at the start.

And what really matters is wins.

So good luck to these players, but this means next to nothing.

Funny/witty screen name
Orem, UT

did anyone else notice that the utes kicker had more punt yard than any other team in the pac-12? i didnt know that was a good thing to have... He might have a chance to win the award this year because he will be used often! Lets see if he can get the most punt yards in the whole nation!

Surf is Up
Miami, FL

@Ute Fan In Utah County: All of the chest beating U guys are making about SOS is based on the assumption that all PAC teams U will play this season are really really good.

Some are. But some are merely WAC and MWC caliber. Yes, its true.

Start beating just those teams and U will get more respect. Perhaps since BYU isn't on the schedule this week KW and company won't be so focused on just one game.

Either way individual award projections aren't based on schedule or SOS.

Congratulations to all players. I hope they do well this season.

Lincoln Park, IL

Only a Utah fan could spin having far fewer players on the national watch lists as a positive for their conference bottom dwelling program.

School: # of Players / # of Lists
BYU 10/19
USU 7/15
Utah 3/7

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