50 days until kickoff: Players with Utah ties set to head to NFL training camps

Published: Wednesday, July 16 2014 4:59 p.m. MDT

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Training camp reporting dates: Rookies, July 22; veterans, July 24

Utah ties

Tay Glover-Wright, CB, Utah State (rookie)

Paul Soliai, DT, Utah

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Syracuse, UT

Utah - 30 players
USU - 17 players
BYU - 9 players
WSU - 1 player
SUU - 1 player

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

One measure of any university is how well it prepares students to succeed in their chosen career and in life. Utah totally dominates this list and it isn't some subjective ranking based on opinion. It is simple fact.

Cedar Hills, UT

Congrats to the U for continuing to rise up the ladder nationally in football. 30 players in the NFL is pretty impressive!! BYU is WAY down on the list at 9. Wow. Two programs going in opposite directions.

Las Vegas, NV

Wow! More Utes on Raiders, Jets and Phins alone than all byU combined.

Way to move up Ags!!

Go Utes! Go Ags!

Irving, TX

Big BYU fan here tipping my hat to Utah, Utah State for showing up big in the NFL.

CTJ fan
Salt Lake City, UT

Sorry boys you counted wrong, BYU has 11 currently signed, and expect Kehl and Collie to be signed soon. Collie would have been one of the better pro's if not for the concussions. With that being said the cougars aren't doing the job they used to they used to dominate this list, but I expect in a few short years they'll be up there again. Shout out to Snow college they have 7 players currently in the NFL, not bad for the junior college ranks. Was also really impressed with Utah State, many of those are current but they're getting some really good players that weren't that highly recognized out of high school and they've been great players. For the Utes it's nice you've got NFL talent on your team, too bad that doesn't seem to translate into more wins, and by your logic you should be wiping the floor with BYU every year, not squeaking out some victories while being out gained haha. Go Cougs, Badgers and Ags!

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