Utah Sports Ruckus: Half-year sports awards

Published: Wednesday, July 16 2014 1:47 p.m. MDT

The first half of 2014 was an eventful time in Utah sports, even without college football games. It was a historic time for the Jazz, full of ups and downs both on the court and off. Several teams and players had tremendous performances throughout the state. There were reported violations at BYU and talk of impending doom for its athletic program. There were titles won, opportunities squandered, records broken, awards received, body parts lost and much more. If this list misses any great performances or stories, or if a ranking is debatable, leave feedback in the comments. Based on reader feedback, there could be a Version 2.0 of the awards published. Note: High school teams and coaches were not considered for most awards simply because of the sheer volume of programs in the state. Here now, from the best teams and players to the craziest stories and biggest off-field winners and more, are the Utah Sports Ruckus 2014 half-year sports awards:
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Storrs, CT

"before coming as close as any team all season to beating eventual champs UConn."

Actually, 4 teams came closer throughout the season. But congrats.

Sandy, UT

Interesting article, it's fun to remember!

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

"Worst idea discussed other than the Jazz hiring Boylen: The absurd notion that Kyle Whittingham might deserve to be on the "hot seat" with the Utes. Short of an off-the-field scandal, that is crazy talk."

I agree with this completely.

Your dead Uncle
Saint George, UT

Not surprised to see that the DSU girls softball was left out after their deep run in the world series. Too bad, they had a great season.

Farmington, UT

Either engineering or bean-counting or data development/oversight/processing seem to be the three areas at the present time with the best return of an education in terms of remuneration. I'll bet medicine and law are right up there, too.

Those who teach, sturdy humanities or go into social work should realize that they will enjoy their professions but that they cannot expect to be paid very well. So choose, and then don't continually carp about low wages----you chose it!

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