Options the Jazz should consider before matching the deal for Gordon Hayward

Published: Wednesday, July 9 2014 3:04 p.m. MDT

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There are some very skilled free agents who are on the down side of their illustrious careers who would be a great fit in Utah. The names that come to mind are Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Shawn Marion and Vince Carter. Chances of landing any of these players is slim, but it's at least worth a phone call or two. All were All-Stars in their day and understand what it takes to be great in the league for a long time. They also still have some gas left in the tank to win some games right away while mentoring all the young players on the Jazz roster.
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Orem, UT

Kamas and Huntsville are not on the Wasatch Front, but I'm sure their burgers are good.

Rexburg, ID

Give the max contract to Deng, He has proven he can dominate..

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

I heard LeBron wants to play with Rudy Gobert so let's make it happen!!!

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Deng is a much better player than Hayward. The Jazz could get 3 good players for the price of Hayward. You know it is going to happen, the Jazz will match.

San Mateo, CA

The names that come to mind are Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Shawn Marion and Vince Carter.???? Please no! All 4 of them... who I do like. But let the new coach work with the young team first for couple of years before we add pieces who will only be a distraction and take away precious minutes from the developing players. Richard Jefferson all over again!!!

mountain view, WY

The only option that you mention that passes mustard is going after former high draft picks. The only problem is that that option is open whether you sign Hayward's offer sheet or not. The rest of the options are bad ideas. Yes go find the diamond in the ruff if you can find it but doing well on a bad team and then disappearing on a good team upsetting the chemistry of the team is a poison pill al la even turner. Sign Hayward, search for that diamond in the ruff and have some good luck doing so is the best outcome for this summer of Hayward discontent.

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