The 15 best affordable burgers in the Wasatch Front

Published: Tuesday, July 8 2014 4:51 p.m. MDT

With the help of aggregator website Urban Spoon, Deseret News has assembled a list of the cheapest, most highly-regarded burgers on the Wasatch Front. The list's primary focus is locally owned restaurants, and so large chains such as In-n-Out and Five Guys were left off the list, while small, Utah-centric chains such as Crown Burgers and JCW's were included. Ratings have been taken from Urban Spoon, and are a compilation of user reviews. "Cheap" designated that all meals are under $10. Related: The 25 best cheap eats in Salt Lake City Related: The 15 best cheap eats according to our readers
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Chandler, AZ

Far from being "affordable" as the title claims, $9.50 for a burger seems pretty extravagant.

Salt Lake City, UT

Step one: Sneak out of house, avoiding watchful eyes of "health-conscious" wife; Step two: Put out of mind warnings of cardiologist; Step three: Enjoy incredible juicy, smoky, char-broiled cheeseburger at Astro Burgers (or any of the other "Greek" burger joints); Step four: Monitor heart rate; Step five: Return home while practicing "guiltless" facial expression.

Vernal, UT

Mayhem Mike, I like the way you think. Contrary to what JP might say, a splurge once in awhile is just fine.

Spring Creek, NV

Really? Any burger list that doesn't include Hires and the Big H Combo is not a valid, comprehensive, legit list...all burger masters know this. Good hustle on the so-called list!

Bountiful, UT

In-n-Out Monster burger still makes my mouth water...

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

No BurgerSupreme on the list? Must have gone downhill...

Sandy, UT

I have all of these except the one in Huntsville- NONE of the ones I have eaten are as good as the "Wayne Burger" at Scaddy's on 3500 S about 1500 W.

Sandy, UT

In-N-Out is the most overrated burger on Earth--glad it's not here. And the conglomerate that is Astro/Apollo and any others affiliated are just OK.

South Jordan, UT

We could have opened up more room by just lumping Astro/Apollo/Crown in together, since for all intents and purposes they serve the same burger.

Riverton, UT

The price shown for the Astro Burger is actually the combo price. Are the other prices also for combos?

JM Fan
Murray, UT

In-N-Out. Awesomeness. Animal Style.

Woody's - No Like

Burger Bar - No Like

I find a good burger at 5 Guys and Smash Burger.

Boise, ID

MRS. MAYHEM MIKE, accusingly: Are those ketchup and mustard stains on your collar?? Where have you BEEN?!!

Layton, UT

Bike boy: "that was from yesterday's (or any day in the last week) burger. Remember? You didn't make me change my shirt...."

Deny, deny, make counter accusations, demand proof...

Salt Lake City, UT

I'll just get any one of the burgers on the value menu at Wendy's. They're pretty good, and they don't take such a big chunk out of your wallet.

Heber City, UT

This would be more useful if they would format it so that the list could be printed out. There are some interesting sounding burgers and places on this list, though I agree that a list without Hires (7th East, 4th South) is just not complete. They've been doing it almost 60 years. They know how !! And the fries are still the best anywhere. They're the only ones that taste like they came from real potatoes. But the cheeseburger deluxe on poppy seed roll is my favorite burger in the lower 48.

Cedar Hills, UT

I like Salt City Burger. I also really like State Street Grill in Pleasant Grove. I don't think Crown, Apollo, Astro are that great. Not bad, but not great.
Five Guys are great, so upset their were not included.

Heidi T.
Farmington, UT

I agree Hires Big-H is my favorite and the best for years.

Salt Lake City, UT

Glad to see Guzzis on there. Great burger. Huge, fresh, home made fries. Yummm!

Orem, UT

You guys need to get a little further out of town. Some of the best burgers I've eaten are made in small town burger joints. Ever been to Gator's in Randolph. Great burgers and their fries are to die for!

Layton, UT

Didn't see Dairy Keen in Midway(ish). They are darn good, and the shakes are the bomb.

Salt Lake City, Utah

I am utterly dumbfounded that Hires, with its various big Hs and Double Big Hs, is not on this list, It's long been my favorite and a favorite of a number of my friends. In addition it is a must stop for some of my out of town relatives when they are visiting Salt Lake!

slc, ut

It might be aways from the front, but Ray's tavern in Green River Utah is great. Nothing beats a Ray's burger and beverage of your choice after a river trip or long weekend in the desert.

jim l
West Jordan, UT

Bell' Dinner in Taylorsville is the best I've ever had. Homemade fries to go along.

Pleasant View, UT

Guess no one has tried Maddox Drive-in burgers. Burgers are priced with fries included - which by the way, are fresh and tender. Also, great service.

Orem, UT

Huntsville and Kamas are not on the Wasatch Front.

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

Tommy Burger on 100 North and 400 West in Provo is among the best. Double Burger with bacon, fries and a large drink for 8 bucks...

Provo, UT

Tommy Burger in Provo is a good place, double burger with bacon along with fries and a large drink for about 8 bucks...

Fred T

Crown Burger's Blue-Boy with mashed potato crinkle fries (with their secret sauce) and a chocolate banana shake got me through college in the 70's.....

Pleasant Grove, UT

I'm sorry, but for those of us in our sixties, using "affordable" for five or six dollar hamburgers just doesn't resonate. We grew up with fifteen and twenty cent burgers, five cent candy bars and ten cent bottles of pop. Yes, our minimum wage was $1.45 an hour, but a little math will tell you that it went a lot further back then.

Highland, UT

@ JP & holt 56

I agree. If I'm going to spend $10 for a burger, I might as well go to a buffet or someplace that has a steak on the menu.

Cleveland, TN

Feisty: Yes, I have eaten at Maddox a number of times. I remember the days when the girls came out and took your order on skates (4 wheels, not roller blades). You are right, phenomenal place. (For those wondering, it's near Brigham City on the highway that used to be the main drag before they finally finished I-15. US 89? Between the entrance to Sardine Pass and Smith and Edwards.) And how about that mom and pop A & W in Logan? It may say A & W but it's a local phenom with it's Big Blue. The only things A & W about that one are the frosty mugs.

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