Peavler: Summer breakdown of BYU football's 2014 schedule

Published: Thursday, July 3 2014 3:07 p.m. MDT

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TV: 5 p.m. MT, ESPN

2013 record: 3-9, 3-5 American Athletic Conference

Record vs. BYU: 0-0 (First matchup)

Summer outlook: Former Notre Dame defensive coordinator Bob Diaco has his work cut out for him as UConn's new head coach. This summer hasn't been kind to the Huskies, as leading rusher Lyle McCombs was dismissed from the team for repeated off-the-field issues. The pressure will be on sophomore QB Casey Cochran, who took over as the starter for the final four games of the 2013 season. Cochran helped UConn end the season on a three-game winning streak with 883 yards passing, seven touchdowns and three interceptions in those games. However, the Huskies are rebuilding at multiple positions, as UConn has to replace four starters on the offensive line. While BYU under Bronco Mendenhall has a tendency to struggle week 1 on the road, the Cougars should win this game.

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caleb in new york
Glen Cove, NY

The Cal game will be the 2nd time BYU has played Cal at Berkeley. The first time, BYU thumped them 44-16 in the second game of the season on September 8, 2001.

Stockton, CA

The Brandon Doman / Luke Staley Cougars thrashed UCB at home about ten years or so ago. Look it up!!

MN Doug
Rochester, MN

BYU played at Berkeley September 8, 2001 and won 44-16. I'm sure the current BYU athletic director remembers that game.

Clovis Fan
Clovis, CA

Nice summary of the season, but Nevada coach Chris Ault retired on Dec. 31, 2012. Brian Polian coached them last year in 2013. He was on the sidelines when we played them last year. This is not their first season with out Chris Ault. It's not hard to look it up.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

BYU is 1-1 against Cal I believe. We lost in 2005's bowl game to Cal.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

The only way any BYU fan should accept this DN assessment is if Taysom gets injured.

A healthy Taysom will put up numbers not seen in years at BYU as well as lead BYU to an undefeated season.

Salt Lake City, UT

Kinda looks like the last MWC schedule...

2010 vs 2014
Washington Huskies = California Golden Bears
Air Force Falcons = Connecticut Huskies
Florida State Seminoles = Texas Longhorns
Nevada Wolfpack = Nevada Wolfpack
Utah State Aggies = Utah State Aggies
San Diego State Aztecs = Virginia Cavaliers
TCU Horned Frogs = UCF Knights
Wyoming Cowboys = Houston Cougars
UNLV Rebels = UNLV Rebels
Colorado State Rams = Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders
New Mexico Lobos = Savannah State Tigers
Utah Utes = Boise State Broncos

west jordan , UT

If BYU beats TX then it will be a good year for BYU. With all the down talk of BYU during the off season I hope BYU comes into every games with an attitude to prove the power conf wrong.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

There You Go Again

"A healthy Taysom Hill" and a few other things:

A defense that is not rebuilding, but retooled and ready to destroy;
An offensive line that has matured, conditioned and synced up with each other;
Special teams that are solid and reliable;
Receivers that can make fans, and defensive backs, heads' turn.

Missing any one of those, even for one game, would be extremely costly.

Frisco, TX

Really looking forward to the games against Texas, UCF, Boise St, Houston and Utah St. All five are probably Top 50 teams, with two of them being Top 25.

Looking forward to revenge at Virginia and showing PAC fans how much better a "mid major" team is than a team in the lower half of the PAC.

Granstville, UT

@ Clovis,
Here is another thing that is not hard to look up, the teams on BYU's schedule had a combined record of 10 games under .500 last year, 71-81.

So, when the cougars win 10 games against this "stellar" competition, their fans will be clamoring for them to be considered relevant in the national scene. They will claim we belong in a power conference because we won 10 games this year. Nice try.

CO Ute

Looks like 8 to 10 wins and a lot of hoopla about national rankings. A realistic assessment is the schedule is very weak. UVA and Cal are possibly the worst teams in their conferences but there will be lots of bragging about beating teams from the Big 5 leagues. Big step back in competition this year. Future schedules look better but hard to get excited about MTSU, Savannah St, and UConn.

The Watch Dog
tumwater, WA

Byu lost to Cal 35-28 in the 2005 Las Vegas bowl

Frisco, TX

@CO Ute - "Cal [is] possibly the worst team in their conference." Lucky for U, U don't play them. So we may not every know if they are the worst team in the PAC this year.

Sandpoint, ID

@CougFaninTX - "Lucky for U, U don't play them (Cal) so we may not every know if they are the worst team in the PAC this year."

It's actually very unlucky that we don't play them this year, or last year. We could have really used the absolute worst team in the Pac (0-9 1-11) to add an easy Pac12 win to our record and get to a bowl game. Only difference is we wouldn't be thumping our chests over beating such a terrible opponent, much like I expect all you coug fans to do this fall.

"Looking forward to revenge at Virginia and showing PAC fans how much better a "mid major" team is than a team in the lower half of the PAC."

First of all, Virginia isn't part of the "PAC". They are the absolutely worst team in the ACC. BYU proved what they could do against the Pac. They got handled by the 6th place and the 10th placed teams. This year your only try against a " PAC" team is against our absolute worst. So, all you cougies will have a chance to prove against the Pac12 this year is if your mid major team is better than our absolute worst. Good luck. You'll need it.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT


BYU has a SOS on par with the Ohio States and Alabama of the world. Besides the SOS is very similar to that of Utah in 2008 where they faced Bama playing for third place. They win 12 and they deserve to be in the playoff. They lose one and they get into a New Year bowl.

The great thing about BYU's schedule is that BYU plays such a variety of opponents that they will have comparative scores to look at besides the likely gaudy stats to stake their claim.

Gilbert, AZ

Utah alumnus, "State of Utah fan". Get real, people. I love BYU football and have for 30 years but this move to Independent status was bone-headed. One traditional rivalry is firmly in place (Utah State). Look for Southern Utah State to join Weber State as an in-state main-stay. I say this as someone who loves Utah and BYU football - this move was a disaster and will not ever been what CougarNation hopes it will be. Sorry, I wish it weren't true.

Salt Lake City, UT

Steven S Jarvis "win 12 and they deserve to be in the playoff"
I like how you casually put BYU on par with Ohio State and Alabama. You are a true fan. The problem is "they" are not fans. Especially in the inaugural year, it is highly unlikely that "they" will give one of the playoff spots to a non-P5 team. Remember, it is not based on rank. A committee looks at several factors, including SoS, and championships won.

Nobody will blink when a one loss OSU/Mama/Major team is taken over a perfect mid-major. Fair? Maybe. Maybe not. It wouldn't surprise me to see a 2 loss major earn a spot over a perfect mid-major. They'd placate the "injustice" by tossing a New Year's Bowl to the mid-major. Fiesta Bowl stickers are a great Band-Aid.

I don't think BYU (or any mid-major) will earn a playoff spot for a couple of years. IMO, BYU has to go perfect this year to earn a New Year's bowl -- provided there is not a higher ranked non-P5 school. One loss = Miami Bowl, but at least you can lock in travel plans early!

Elk Hair Caddis
Sandy, UT

Its a dreadful home schedule. Hopefully as time goes on BYU can win more big games and earn the respect that Bronco feels they are entitled too. The only thing more pathetic then BYU's home schedule is UTE fans with PAC12 stickers on their cars fixated on BYU's schedule.

Orem, UT

This year's schedule is weak. Anything under 10 wins would be disappointing. It seems we have taken a step back in scheduling w Texas being one of the only exciting big 5 teams on the schedule. The combined records of their opponents are awful. I am being negative but if we want to be in the conversation for a new year's bowl, we need to play top tier competition. This looks like a mountain west schedule w different teams.

Wilsonville, OR

My recollection of the Golden Bears last season is that their home opener against the Portland State Vikings was closer than it should have been, considering that the Vikings are a perrenial doormat in the Big Sky Conference.

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