Americans' trust in institutions, ranked

Published: Monday, July 7 2014 1:31 a.m. MDT

How important is it to trust the government? Which public institutions have succeeded in securing that trust, and which have failed to capture the loyalty of the American people?

A recent Gallup poll asked Americans how much they trusted various institutions, such as public school systems and government entities, and compared the data to responses from previous years.

Here are the results, ranked from the least trusted to the most.

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Merritt Island, Fl

The Congress is #16 of 16, at the bottom. The Office of the President is #7. Why has the Congress not taken a hint that their overall performance is exceptionally poor and need to get back to work?

Price, Utah

I want to know what people think of each of the two branches of the Congress? Congress as a whole tells us nothing. Do they distrust the House of Representatives or distrust the Senate? Boehner's boys or Harry's House of Lords who do they find more trust worthy?

While were at it why not poll to see how much faith the polled have in not the President, but the Executive Branch? Surely they could split it out Department of Justice , Health and Human Services (PPACA), Treasury (IRS), Interior (BLM), Agriculture (USFS,SNAP), etc.

Kaysville, UT

The military has had trust in the past but there is still a lot of politics with the generals and colonels who want to be generals. It is sad they get caught up in the lack of trust factor, as in future years their number 1 could slide down the hill, also. Integrity is part of their creed but not necessarily at the top. Younger officers and enlisted need to keep their integrity through their service and ranks.

What is more important, moving up or Integrity? Can you have both in the military today? I believe Congress has slipped because of the lack of the men and women in the military going into elected Congress and Senatorial offices. When those men and women took on political life while in the Reserve, Guard or after military retirement, the Congress appeared to have more vision because they saw the big picture. Now, elected offices are for people with money and not necessarily character.

This is the 50th year of the judges who should have integrity, also. Our final link to integrity suffers from politics, also, not from the reading of the law.


Another point that the article brought out is that the plunge in the rating of the office of the president has been during Obama's watch. maybe the fact that he won't compromise and doesn't seem to care is the problem. Also, if he doesn't care about compromise, then how can congress get anything done? especially if the president says 'my way or the highway'.

Brer Rabbit
Spanish Fork, UT

The low position of Congress may not really be that low, if the survey used a different method. Since nearly all of them will be re-elected the satisfaction level should be something above 50 percent. Since there are 535 members perhaps a better method would be to survey each member in their own district or state add up the satisfaction percent and divide by 535.

The blame here would seem to be as much on the citizens that vote for them and the citizens that are too apathetic to get involved. The excuse that there is nothing that can be done about it is meaningless and defeatist, just the way our rulers like it. Big changes, such as ending slavery, and rebelling against England came about because people refused to be defeated, and weren't overcome with apathy.

Houston, TX

Let's hear it for the military. They've earned our trust!

Wait, if trust in the three branches of government is so low, does that mean we're in line for a military coup? We better find a way to support our constitutionally elected leaders, or this could be a reality.

Patriot Jim
West Valley City, UT

The Federal Constitution not only reserves ALL law enforcement powers to the State Militias, Article 1, Section 8, Clause 15, but it does not mention "Police," "Sheriff," "Marshall," "Prosecutor,' or any form of those words. There is no mention of "Prison" in the Constitution. The US Supreme Court has even ruled that the Governments have no inherent power to do anything other that what is specifically set forth in the Constitution. The need to quit arming their agencies, get rid of the FBI and BATF, and close down the Federal Prison System, they are all unconstitutional. We have been fed a big whopping lie about these agencies.

Eagle Mountain, UT

I doubt the declining faith in medical practitioners has anything to do with measles. It has to do with price gouging. People see their medical bills and are appalled. Everyone knows someone whose lives have been ruined by medical bills. When a gas station charges too much for gasoline during a fuel crisis, we charge them with gouging. Where are the gouging charges against our medical institutions?

Mister J
Salt Lake City, UT

Banks @ #9? Thats funny? I demand a recount.

Farmington, UT

Interesting that small business ranks so high and yet the party in power practically worships organized labor. The party in the White House also believes in saddling the public with the ACA when a super majority did not want it.

So what???......is how politicians react to such polls. They have been elected and absolutely nothing else matters.

San Francisco, CA


7% of the people surveyed have any trust at all in Congress?

Surely that must be a typo.

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