Babe Ruth, Walt Disney and JFK: What you can find in 1 billion FamilySearch images

This past June,

FamilySearch International announced the online publication of its 1 billionth image of historic records.

That's right, 1 billion images.

This information contained in this vast mountain of data, collected from more than 10,000 archives around the world, will enable people to connect with their ancestors in new ways.

These records also contain famous people and signatures, not to mention rarely seen photos. We thought it would be fun to show what interesting records might be found in 1 billion historic images.

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Heidi T.
Farmington, UT

Thanks for reporting this! Almost unbelievable but inspiring.

Spanish Fork, UT

If you don't index, you are missing a great opportunity to make these records available to people searching for ancestors. It's easy, fun, and can be done by anyone. I even know a couple 9-year old kids who do it. A couple of weeks ago I indexed the obituary for Graham Chapman, of Monty Python. It's fun to come across people like that, but even if they are not famous, they all have a story. I indexed the obituary for a WWII veteran who stormed the beaches in Normandy. After the war he became friends with the manager of his company's office in Belgium, who turned out to be German. As their friendship developed, they discovered the German had been in a bunker on the beach during the invasion. As post-war friends they decided they were both happy they had been lousy shooters. There are lots of great stories like this when you index, especially obituaries. Give it a try.

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