2014 NBA Mock Draft 2.0: How far does Embiid drop?

Published: Sunday, June 8 2014 11:07 p.m. MDT

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With the 2014 NBA draft just days away (Thursday, 5 p.m. on ESPN), six Deseret News writers and contributors did their best in trying to simulate how the draft will go down.

We divided up the NBA's six divisions among the six writers. We drafted over the course of three days using email. Here's how it went down and why. Did we make the right picks? Let us know in the comments section.

The Cleveland Cavaliers, you're on the clock.

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Centerville, UT

Trade Kanter and Hayward and whatever else for 3rd pick and get Parker.

Orem, UT

While I agree with the first 10, maybe 15 picks that were selected by the Deseret News, I doubt seriously that the Jazz will draft Kyle Anderson at 23. There are much better picks at that spot that would help the Jazz and certainly more athletic players. Besides, the idea that a trade might happen is certainly a possibility. I do believe, however, that Noah Vonleh will be selected by the Jazz if they can't move any higher.

Tyler C
Provo, UT

wow, those top 5 picks are really good. thats exactly how i think it will play out. I agree that embiid will bethe best nba player if he is healthy. and i bet the jazz take vonleh. i dont think they will take kyle anderson at 23 though.

Ivins, UT

If Embiid is available when the Jazz pick ( I don't think he will) I bet the Jazz will be on the phone constantly during the 5 minutes they have before they make their pick. A lot of teams will be offering the Jazz various assortments of players or draft picks so they can pick up Embiid. I think the Jazz would move the pick in a trade. However, if not I would be thrilled to bring the big guy to Utah!!

Salt Lake City, UT

I would be pretty disappointed if that's how things turned out, Embiid is too big of a risk and might not even play next season. I also don't like the idea of drafting a guy nicknamed slow mo, I don't think Anderson is athletic enough to make it in this league.

If the Jazz stand pat I would go Randall then Gordon then Vonleh, but I think those 3 are really close and all would be a great fit.

At 23, this is where I would try and move up for Young, Ennis or Payton.

My ultimate dream draft scenario would be Exum falling to us at 5, then the Jazz trade Trey Burke and the 23 to Sacramento and we draft Gordon too

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