50 things you might not know about your favorite Disney films, 1955-1986 edition

Published: Tuesday, June 10 2014 4:05 p.m. MDT

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"101 Dalmatians" marked a giant shift in Disney storytelling in a number of ways:

1. It was the first Disney film that was current with a contemporary score.

2. It was the first Disney animated feature to not really count as a musical, despite the character Roger's being a songwriter. The only songs in the film are "Cruella De Vil" and "Dalmatian Plantation," with a "Kanine Krunchies" jingle included on the track listings.

3. It was the first full Disney film to be made using the Xerox process. Rather than following the hand-inked process used previously, Xeroxing allowed animators to skip the tracing step. It gave the drawings a rougher, scratchier look that Walt Disney wasn't fond of, but sped up the process and made the film possible.

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The "middle years" was the glory time when the vision of Walt Disney came to fruition and inspired children. The modern years are fraught with a "darker vision" with more edgy themes that upset such as Roy Disney who attempted to bring it to a halt but failed. There was even a spin off of a company with a "winged horse" symbol which secretly made "controversial" films under the Disney banner.


Hmm... missing the Black Cauldron that was released in 1985. That move almost bankrupted Disney.

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And this occupies the news because???

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