Let's play general manager: Who would you hire as Jazz head coach?

Published: Monday, May 26 2014 10:14 p.m. MDT

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The more one learns about Adrian Griffin, the more sense he makes to be the next Utah Jazz head coach.

Griffin fits the Jazz mold, as he worked hard and battled odds to carve out a solid NBA career, earning a master’s degree along the way (he is currently pursuing a doctorate in leadership studies). A defensive-minded player, Griffin jumped right into the coaching ranks at his retirement, serving with Scott Skiles and Tom Thibodeau.

Griffin is an up-and-coming prospect on many coaching lists. He would help instill a defensive mindset, provide leadership and at 39, could grow with the young Utah roster.

— David Smith
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Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

Earl Watson as an Assistant Coach first - but not question he will be a great head coach one day.

Roosevelt, UT

Lets play gm and hire a coach or we could play Jazz gm and go to workouts by players around the country, we could go to the combine and watch the players the coach should be seeing.

The Jazz have known for weeks now they are short a coach and they have stood by while other teams have gone to the coaching pool and taken available coaches.

Like the draft the good players and coaches are taken first. Jazz need to get a handle on a coach and get one before the only coach left is a jr high coach from downtown Beaver.

From this article the obvious choice is Mark Jackson, the Jazz fan base would need to get over itself. However chances are Jackson will be coaching in NY as the Jazz GM watches another coach ride into the sunset. From this less than exhaustive list the next candidate would be Iowa head coach.

Sneaky Jimmy
Bay Area, CA

What is the plan from the Jazz? Are they going to hire Jerry Sloan again? Mark Jackson would be the absolute worst pick as head coach. I think there is zero chance of him getting the job.

American Fork, Utah

There are many good candidates for a new head coach. I think there needs to be more of an emphasis on defense and outside shooting. I like Griffin from the Chicago Bulls, because he seems defensive minded and is a very good student of the game. Let's make the decision this week and start moving forward.

Bountiful, UT

I think the 2 candidates that the Jazz really don't have a shot getting are the 2 best on the list, Jackson and Hoiberg. Jackson feels the same about the Jazz, I'm sure, as Jazz fans feel towards him. I couldn't imagine him being interested. As for Hoiberg, if he left his alma mater it would be for an NBA job but I wonder if he feels he's at a point where he can just drop things at Iowa St? I think he really likes coaching in college.

I think with Nate McMillan you find the safe choice, he's good but not great and that pretty much summed up his playing career too. I like Adrian Griffin and think he's a bit of a gamble but would re-establish the defensive mindset that existed under Sloan but be more engaged with developing young players than Sloan was.

If you can't get Hoiberg then I think Griffin is a nice option at #2.

Hailstorm is a coming
Riverdale, UT

IMO Alex Jensen deserves a shot as former COY in the D-League and having learned defense from Rick Majerus-- I would rather have my fingernails slowly drawn off before Mark Jackson and Gentry.. Van Gundy is a death wish as well. There is a reason that they have been fired before --especially Gentry-- what are the Millers thinking to even consider these three ?

Salt Lake City, UT

Messina,or Adrian Griffin. Bring back Earl Watson as a player development coach first and see how that works out could be a possible fit down the road if needed.

Moss, Norway

Good arguments for all of these candidates. Messina is my personal favorite, because he goes against the grain of individualism in the NBA and sticks to what basketball has always been about: hard work and team play. His track record is amazing, even if it is Europe. The trend of importing European players has only grown in the last 30 years. Why not a European coach?

Saratoga Springs, UT

1 get a teacher, one that can relate to young guys. Teach the game the right way, 2 we need a defensive coach someone that knows how to defend the pick and roll and the corner 3 ball. 3 a coach that understands the new nba on offense, shoot the corner 3. If u can't find one that can do all 3 things than hire a teacher first, and get assistances that can coach the other two points I made

Draper, UT

It's a shame that we are even having this discussion. We had the guy right here in Jeff Hornacek who was not only an assistant coach but the shooting coach. But as usual the Jazz style of wait, wait, wait prevailed again. For example, we could have had Tom Chambers in his prime but we waited and Phoenix didn't.

Sturgis, MS

I would offer the Job to Stockton then to Matt Harpering. Jazz don't need a teacher, you can hire a dozen a day. A winning NBA coach has to be able to control his/her team. There are enough good players out there now that if you can get 5 to play together, play hard and follow directions, you will win.

We shouldn't be wasting our time. All the interviews are eye wash and political correctness. Lindsey has had the coach selected a long time and he will tell us when he gets ready.

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