23 dazzling man-made American structures you've probably never heard of

Published: Thursday, May 15 2014 2:12 a.m. MDT

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Wikimedia commons
The House on the Rock is the brainchild of Alex Jordan, and was built as an artistic retreat in 1945. Since then it has become a tourist attraction and is known for its eccentric rooms and collections.

The house boasts The Infinity Room, which extends 218 feet long and 156 high over the valley floor without supports (pictured), and the World’s Largest Carousel which contains 269 handcrafted animals, 20,000 lights
and 182 chandeliers among other things.
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Layton, UT

Our Lady of the Rockies sits above Butte, Montana, several miles nw of Wyoming and a long way from Colorado. It does sit on the Continental Divide.

Parry is a Farce
Layton, UT

"Standing at an imposing 90 feet tall, Our Lady of the Rockies is statue of the Virgin Mary that sits between Colorado and Montana along the Continental Divide" (this is directly quoted from the article at 7:20 a.m. on May 15)

So where exactly in Wyoming is this statue located? The continental divide covers at least a couple hundred miles of Wyoming "between Colorado and Montana".

Kim Anderson

As ibulleti stated, the statue overlooks Butte, MT and is nowhere near Colorado.

American Fork, UT

The worlds' largest statue of the Jolly Green Giant at Blue Earth, Minn. is a fantastic structure.

South Jordan, UT

The Biltmore Estate, and the surrounding grounds, are well worth the visit, and are open to the public for a fee. It is the largest house in the U.S.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

Apparently they corrected the statement on the location of Our Lady of the Rockies.

I must be unique in the eyes of the author of this list. I've been to or heard of over half of these structures.

Redding, CA

The sundial bridge is on my frequent walk in Redding with our 2 golden retrievers. Check my wach on June 21 . . . Was there when it first opened; when we all walked across it there was this wavy swaayyyy.... but Mr Calatrava was there. It's a neat looking bridge, with a glass floor over a major river, and a special attraction in my otherwise not too well known town, thanks to the McConnell foundation for helping make this special structure happen.
Next week I'm going to work on the Colorado River where there are spectacular bridges and dams, besides the spectacular views from in the canyon and from atop the canyon walls.

West Jordan, UT

So I think the Hearst Castle is in California - but where exactly? The article does not say.

Provo, UT

The Hearst Castle is along the CA coast about halfway between Monterrey and Santa Barbara.

The Overlook Hotel in CO is also a real cool place, best known for where The Shining was filmed.

West Jordan, UT

The Texas state capital is the 6th tallest capital in the USA, not the tallest.

Pleasant Grove, UT

It doesn't speak well for the state of education in Utah if the author truly believes most of us have never heard of these places. I recognized most of them and have seen about half of them, and I don't consider myself exceptional or unique in that regard.

South Jordan, UT

The Salt Lake City Mormon Temple on Temple Square should have been on this list! It took 40 years to build and was constructed by humble pioneers in the 1800's hauling granite out of quarries by horse and wagon. It is recognized around the world as a magnificent edifice even today and one that most tourists have on their "must see list" of sights when they visit Salt Lake City.

American Fork, UT

I see I already commented. Months ago. But I was thinking that one thing that should be on this sort of list is the new bridge that takes traffic off the Hoover dam. It's pretty incredible.

Provo, UT

If you were really looking to have something amazing that few have seen, you should have listed the Grotto of the Redemption in West Bend, Iowa. It is truly out of the usual pathways and quite unbelievable.

Harrisburg, IL

I can't believe no one noticed that the location of the House On The Rocks was left off. At least Hearst Castle was given the state it was located in if not the exact location. For the record, the House On The Rock is located in Wisconsin - north of Dodgeville and south of Spring Green.

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