The 25 most highly drafted football players from Utah State

Published: Monday, May 5 2014 7:14 a.m. MDT

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The NFL draft is just days away and a handful of Utah State players are hoping to hear their name called in the three-day event. Getting drafted with a high pick is a goal for many college players, but it doesn’t mean success will follow. Here is a look at the most highly drafted Aggies and how their careers turned out. Many, like Phil Olsen — who's name is pictured at left, three spots below Terry Bradshaw — were defensive linemen.
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Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

Great list. Thank you DN. Go Big Blue!!!

Rexburg, ID

Robert Turbin? Has a super bowl ring, but not on the list -- big miss!

Murray, UT

Turbin was drafted at 106 so he simply didn't make the top 25 in DRAFT position

reading is fun-da-mental

Tooele, UT

Ken Burrow had a career high when he made 33 catches for 6 touchdowns and only 71 yards?
What were the true stats?

Colo. Aggie
Loveland, CO

Wow, look at the lineman including Merlin Olson that were drafted in the early 60's. Also Bill Munson was drafted at QB. The Aggies certainly had a lot of talent back in the 60's and through some of the 70's. They also pretty much ruled football in the state of Utah over this time span. Then the lack of being affiliated with the WAC finally started to diminish the program and it has taken decades to get it back. However, things are really looking up now in Logan and we are starting to see some players getting drafted early again like we had many decades ago. It's certainly a great time to be an Aggie. Keep up the great work!! Go Aggies!!

scottsdale, AZ

Here is an impressive list of players from the 1960-61 Aggies:
Lionel Aldridge, Clyde Brock, Tom Larscheid, Clark Miller, Bill Munson,
Merlin Olsen, and Jim Turner. All had pro careers, Canadian in Larscheid's case. And of course Cornell Green who played USU Basketball and then was signed as a free agent by Dallas in 1962. Those years definitely golden!

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