Utah Sports Ruckus: Jazz coaching match game; Jimmer's a Bulls bust

Published: Tuesday, April 29 2014 10:56 a.m. MDT

In hindsight: A look back at the week that was

Blood is Boylen for Jazz fans

I have this app on my iPad that allows children to match objects of various shapes and sizes with each other, helping them learn associations, patterns and such.

If former Utah coach Jim Boylen was represented as a shape on one side of the app's screen and the Utah Jazz’s head coaching position on the other, Boylen would be a circle and the Jazz’s head coaching position would be a triangle – or whatever shape is least like a circle. A giraffe maybe? The Eiffel Tower?

Match compatibility: None

Mental description of anyone that thinks the two would go well together: Nuts

Chances it will happen: None

What’s next: Max Hall and his mom singing the national anthem at a Utah football game? Bill Maher offering a pregame prayer at BYU? Donald Sterling hosting the Trumpet Awards?

The Jazz hiring Derek Fisher as head coach, with Carlos Boozer as his assistant, would cause less outrage in Utah.

Nate Gagon is a published sports, music, and creative writer. He is also a wholehearted father, grateful husband and ardent student of life. He shoots roughly 94% from the free throw line and can be reached at: nategagon@hotmail.com or @nategagon.

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Tooele, UT

What the Jazz organization ideally wants in a head coach is quite simple:

- Someone who knows how to win at the NBA level with some consistency.
- Someone who knows how to relate to and develop young players while at the same time earning their respect.
- Someone who can keep a positive attitude amongst a young team while they endure some growing pains.
- And someone who consistently presents a positive image of the Jazz to the public and who articulates well to the media.

Corbin accomplished some of things, but obviously struggled with a few others. It was time to move on.

Meadow, UT

One of the most frustrating things of this scenario is that there was a group of us fans who immediately felt and voiced our opinions that the Jazz had made a big blunder in letting Hornacek leave for Phoenix soon after it was announced... and for these reasons:

1. The Jazz were not getting better. A head coaching change seemed imminent.
2. Jeff knows the x's and o's of basketball as well as anyone else alive.
3. Jeff has a great knack of relating to young players as well as veterans. Not all coaches can do that.
4. Jeff presents himself extremely well to the public and also communicates well with the media.
5. Jeff was a multiple time NBA All-Star who has his jersey retired and hanging in the Jazz arena rafters.

Keeping Jeff Hornacek and passing the head coach baton on to him seemed like such a no-brainer to many of us at the time. And now obviously to Jazz management in retrospect. Hopefully they can still find someone close to Jeff's caliber.

Meadow, UT

Jimmer has been shooting 3-pointers and foul shots at a higher percentage than anyone currently on the Jazz roster. They haven't had anyone with his outside shooting abilities since Korver left. For the small price they would have to pay, he would be a great pick-up as a situational player for the Jazz. His full NBA potential is still unknown. On top of that, love him or hate him, he would definitely help sell more tickets.
For those reasons, getting him should be a no-brainer for Jazz management.

Mission Viejo, CA

Seems curious to me. Jimmer played 30-odd minutes in one game and did well, then sat the rest of the season.

In light of the Donald Sterling scandal, I'm wondering ... where there any American white players (other than Love) in the All-star Game?

Just askin.

Las Vegas, NV

Love to see the Coach K extension.

Go Utes!

Onward and Upward!

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Jimmer is still an NBA unknown. He was never given a chance. He was benched during practice so the coaches haven't seen how good he really is.

Salt Lake City, UT

Alacrity "top of that, love him or hate him, he would definitely help sell more tickets. "
The Jazz already sell out most games without Jimmer, but you have a solid point.
How much money should the Jazz spend on Jimmer to sell the last hundred seats?
NBA minimum for a 5th year player is around 1 million. That seems kind of high...

Fort Benning, GA

As much as people want to say Jimmer is a bust, there really isn't much statistical proof to say that. The only thing you can look at is minutes played, and that statistic would say that his hype is all gone and he isn't worth starting on any team in the league. I'm not sure what Chicago's goals were in signing him. I would have thought he would have come in during the playoffs and tried to spark some offense for them when they desperately needed it.

But why sign him and then keep him on the roster for the playoffs? Will they want to resign him at a vastly lower price, cut ties with either Hinrich or Augustine so they can attempt to sign Carmelo? That gives them Rose, Boozer, Noah, Gibson and possibly Hinrich/Butler/Snell and then Jimmer coming off the bench or in situational periods to either backup Rose or used to space the floor and let Rose do his work.

I just don't see an organization like Chicago go to the trouble to sign Jimmer and then release him without a plan.

Then again, he may be released here in a few weeks.

St Louis, MO

Promethean's list of attributes a new coaching hire should have is impressive. While we're at it, we need to sign a couple of players who:

- Possess elite athleticism/size
- Have well-rounded, high-level offensive games
- Play hard-nosed defense
- Rebound like Rodman
- Pass like Nash
- Exhibit high character
- Will sign for reasonable money
- Prefer Dos Equis

In other words, your list is very nice, but there just aren't that many guys out there who fit that bill. If there were, they'd already have jobs.

The Jimmer situation in Chicago was disappointing and a little wierd, but I have to see it as an extended try-out. Even if you're in the "Jimmer's not a real NBA player" camp, why did Chicago sign him? What do they know now that they didn't know when he was with the Kings? It's not like they thought they were getting a defensive stopper. What was the point? I see Augustin wanting more money than they'll want to pay. Hinrich might be gone. I see Jimmer backing up Rose and then falling into a starting role when Rose blows out another knee.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

Question: Does Jimmer have to fail on every team in the NBA before you will admit that he's not an NBA-caliber player?

Bastrop, TX

Interesting bit of sarcasm about the Jazz not knowing what they want in a coach.....Here's another point of view: The reason most coaches are fired is because the owners see characteristics in them which they DO NOT want for their team...If you're in a boat and it is on fire, you may not know exactly how you want the situation to work out, but you do know that you DO NOT want to stay on that boat with that fire!

Lindsey knows he DID NOT want to continue to see the lack of defense exhibited by the Jazz.
Lindsey knows he DID NOT want to continue to see the lack of an offensive scheme by the Jazz.
Lindsey knows he DID NOT want to see players making the same mistakes over and over again.
Lindsey knows he DID NOT want to see young players with potential vegetating on the bench.

Fort Benning, GA

Sir Robin,

THe problem is he hasn't "failed" at any team really. He hasn't had the playing time to prove a failure. So that means either one of two things: 1) He is SO bad he can't even get minutes and playing time or 2) The teams that he has played on have a different system and don't have a need for him at this particular time.

In response to the first point, I can't believe that is correct. When you look at the product the Jazz, Bucks, 76ers, etc. put on the floor this year, I think Jimmer is good enough to play significant minutes with those teams.

I am inclined to go with option #2 (obviously I am a bit biased here) since there isn't enough statistical evidence to support him "failing" on each team he has been on. For a few weeks, he lead the league in 3pt% this year. He did have a fantastic game with Chicago when he got some playing time.

I would like to think the Bulls have a plan for him, but only time will tell.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA


So to summarize your answer to my question, it would be yes, you do think he has to fail on every NBA team before we can consider him a bust. Got it.

Fort Benning, GA

Wrong again Sir Robin,

He needs playing time to prove he is a bust. I think I clearly stated my opinion in relation to the playing time issues. If I need to break this down to your level of understanding I certainly can.

St Louis, MO

Robin, it's not that difficult to comphrehend. When Jimmer's gotten minutes, especially this year, he's put up good numbers. This is objectively undeniable. Sacramento has been a mess of an organization run with questionable judgement for years. This is also objectively undeniable. Coming to Chicago at the end of a year, with a rotation in place, playing for a coach who is famously rigid with his rotations, Fredette was essentially an emergency replacement for potential injuries or foul issues. Their coach said as much when they signed him.

Tell you what; if Jimmer ever gets to play more than, say, 15 minutes per game for a team for at least half a season and has lousy shooting percentages (because shooting is what he's supposed to be good at) I will let it go. There are many players with less to offer playing bigger minutes. Jumping to "he has to fail with every team in the league" is just sarcasm to avoid engaging in a discussion with any nuance.

Pleasant Grove, UT

Jimmer didn't get many minutes, but I'd hardly call his time with the Bulls a "bust." Here are the stats: 56 minutes played, 32 points (41% from 2-point field, 36% from 3), 5 rebounds, 3 assists and *most importantly!* a PLUS 35 in +/-. To manage a +35 over the course of four wins and three losses with only 56 minutes of floor time is impressive. His +/- was only negative once. That's solid. The Bulls were a better team with him on the floor. His next team will be getting a steal.

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