Possible replacements as new Jazz coach

Published: Monday, April 21 2014 4:20 p.m. MDT

After announcing that Tyrone Corbin has been let go, the Jazz will now commence a search for only the fifth head coach in 35 years since the franchise relocated from New Orleans in 1979. Since 1974, the Jazz franchise has only employed seven head coaches.

Corbin is the first Jazz coach to be let go since then-general manager Frank Layden fired Tom Nissalke, the original Utah-era coach, early in the 1981-82 season.

Here are 12 men that will likely be on the short list of possible replacements for Tyrone Corbin as head coach.

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Salt Lake City, UT

My only worry is that someone might lose an eye if we hire one of these men...... Andy Greer might be the best bet in my mind. Then perhaps Jeff Van Gundy.

West Valley, UT

Please oh please take Boylen......I hate the Jazz!!!!!

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

I hope Dennis actually has someone lined up. He doesn't seem like the type to roll the dice. Jim Boylen (San Antonio assistant) would be a lot of laughs, but do you really want a loose cannon running the franchise? I would rather have the other Jim Boylan (Chicago Bulls) who at least has experience as an interim Head Coach.

Hiring another assistant for his first Head Coaching job is likely to produce another version of Ty. At least get someone who has made his mistakes with another team.

Baton Rouge, LA

All have their strengths and weaknesses. Of this group, I'd prefer George Karl or Jeff Van Gundy. Time for some experience running the show.

Florence, OR

I think he's the man for the job. Well bring better things to the Jazz! The jazz need a new face, and this guy can bring what we need for Utah. The Jazz has got some very good young players and need a real good center. then just let Jeff takeover and we will be back in the playoffs next year!!!!!

Idaho Falls, ID

Hollins, Karl, or van Grundy. But never boylen or Jensen.. Did you see how he sacked the utes. Wait, hire k and the u can rehire boylen

Pocatello, ID

I think with the youth on the team, the Jazz need an established coach, who brings stability to the locker room, and stresses defense. Personally, I don't see how anyone on the Jazz bench could be considered for the job, and also don't buy that the coach has to have some tie to Utah, or connection to Lindsay.

With that in mind, from the list my choice would be, Van Gundy, Hollins, Karl in that order.

Roy, UT

don't see the right coach, make a new list.

Crisco B
Salt Lake City, UT

Can I just say that I am available? Crisco B, age 43. I have coached kids teams to 4 intercity championships. Have one kid I coached playing the 3 in college now (It helped that he was 6'8" and had a massive amount of athleticism). But yeah, hope you will consider me.

South Jordan, UT

With a young team, I think you need someone with credibility, someone they will listen to. There are some intriguing young people on this list but I think you need a little more mature team to hire one of those guys.

My personal choice would be Nate McMillan.

Karl doesn't teach much defense and Hollins doesn't teach much offense. Van Gundy is intriguing but he brings a lot of "personality" to the position. I think the Jazz have always preferred a blue collar guy who will do a great job without having to be in the limelight.

The problem with college coaches is you never know if they are great coaches or just great recruiters. So much of basketball is determined by the talent level you have on the team. In college, a mediocre coach can look good if he just recruits the right talent. Hoiberg and Krystowiak are interesting but I don't know if you can take a risk on them at this critical point in Jazz history.

A couple of the assistant coaches known for defense also intrigue me. But, again, it is a risk to see if a coach can transition from advisor to decider.

Fort Benning, GA

Of those listed in this article I think I would honestly have to pick Hollins. I know he isn't an offensive guy, but man he took Memphis....yes Memphis...to the West Conference finals. Memphis has an NBA team? George Karl is a perennial "can't get over the hump" coach. He'll pull great regular seasons, but doesn't amount to much in the Playoffs. I think he went to one Conference Finals or NBA Finals with the Sonics in the mid 90s if I remember correctly, but that is about it.

With the youngsters we have on the team now, some like Hollins who lives by discipline and focusses the guys to play their roles would be perfect. Question is, does he want to coach again...and in Utah?

West Jordan, UT

Longabardi, Hollins, and Gundy. In that order. Not because I necessarily think they are the best choices available-but that from Lindsay's past movements, I could see him going with Longabardi, then Hollins, and then Gundy.

AZ Ute
Scottsdale, AZ

Dave Rose. Rather have him coach the Jazz than recruit and coach against the Utes.

Hyrum, UT

Perhaps the "defensive guru" Mike Longabardi is at least partially responsible Phoenix exception success this season under Jeff Hornacek. If so, it would be fun to take him from Phoenix after they took Hornacek from us. A sort of payback if you will.

Ogden, UT

Messina is a very interesting pick. I know nothing about him, however I wonder if he fits that category of a coach who can instill a defensive culture? His accolades are very impressive and his overall winning percentage is great. Out of all the people listed I would want him as my coach.

Other than Messina I'd want Longabardi, Van Gundy (I don't think he's a realistic option) or Greer.

Salt Lake City, UT

For those who are asking the question would some of these coaches like to coach in Utah, why not it would be one of the better coaching jobs out there, you have an organization who listens and favors the coach over the players that's huge, and there pretty loyal to coaches, and one of the better organizations in basketball. With that being said I like the defensive guru that Mike guy who was an assistant under Doc Rivers, we need that here, the last defensive guru who didn't have head coaching experience was Thibadoeu with the Bulls and look what he's done. Defense wins championships folks, so may be worth a shot. I don't mind Van Gundy or Hollins either, but why was Hollins let go at Memphis? I personally wouldn't mind getting Sloan back either, heck the guy took a team with Kiralinko as their best player, and Raul Lopez as the point and had a winning season, we have 10 times the talent now, these players could use the discipline. Bring him back!

Santaquin, UT

Jerry Sloan, if he wants the job!

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