Five Utah State players to watch for

Published: Thursday, Sept. 29 2011 12:29 p.m. MDT

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Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News
There are lots of ways this Las Vegas native can make an opponent pay. Williams is the lightning to Turbin's thunder as a change of pace in the backfield, and is also a dangerous return man having set the NCAA record for kick return yards last season with 1,444.
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DD JayMario
American Fork, UT

Look out. Robert Turbin could get 200 yards on the Cougars. JJ Di Luigi may not get 200 yards this season.

Virginia Beach, Va

I like the Aggies uniform. Hope they beat Jake " I am the next Steve Young" Heaps. Has any writer asked Bronco why Heaps is still starting ?

Santaquin, UT

That's the problem with USU. You only have to watch 5 guys. The rest you can ignore.

aggie bob
Logan, UT

And who do we look out for on BYU?

......thinking.......still thinking.....

Sorry. Nothing's coming.

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

Yes Elliot, the 5 guys that took the y to the woodshed last year. Actually Turbin was out last year when the Aggies went easy on you.

Go Big Blue!!!

Nibley, UT

Please oh please ignore the rest of the Aggie Team, especially Stanley Morrison, Matt Austin and Chuck Jacobs. Ask Auburn about the rest of the team to "ignore."

Nibley, UT

Please oh please ignore the rest of the Aggies team. I can't wait for the comments after we win about all of the no-name players.


should be a good game....for about a half. BYU 31, USU 17. BYU will be doing the running.

disrupt the status
Salt Lake City, Utah

hahaha byu fans are hilarious. They made these same kind of comments towards Utah before the blowout on their own field.

Cedar Hills, UT

USU is going to destroy BYU this year. This will be the first win in Provo for USU in a long time. Outside of turnovers - USU should easily defeat BYU by 2 touch downs at least.

Lehi, Utah

I wish that they wouldn't put the hype on our QB he still has a long way to go to live up to the writers hype. But then again.....so doe Heaps.


Should be a very competitive game.

Sports Nutz
Smithfield, UT

So Eliot, did you spell your own name wrong? Even though the byu fans think that USU only has 5 players to worry about, I am sure Roscoe isn't feeling to good having to try and stop them or the rest of the Aggies.

Saint George, UT

The Aggies are a good team. This game is up for grabs and BYU will have to play well to pull this one out.

Lindon, UT

To disruptthestatus: You say BYU fans are hilarious? I only read one comment by a BYU fan who said BYU would win, & he said it would be close the first half. What about all the "hilarious" USU fans on this article that talk "cheap shots" on Heaps.

disrupt the status
Salt Lake City, Utah

I don't see anyone saying anything about cheap shots...the word beat is usually used as a term for win when in the context of sports, not taking cheap shots. And plus, it's a widely known fact that no one has to take cheap shots on heaps he does it him self (see third down, first possession against the U).

V Taukiuvea

I think its funny how aggie fans get all serious about this game when byu doesnt even consider this a rivalry and the fans could care less. Besides, what hard teams have usu beat, oh yeah, weber state because they are so good... hahaha

disrupt the status
Salt Lake City, Utah

If BYU doesn't consider USU a rivalry, why did they rush the field after the game?

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