Which county in Utah has the least poverty?

Published: Saturday, April 12 2014 8:09 a.m. MDT

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Rate of poverty: 27.3 percent

Life expectancy: 76 years

Population: 14,746
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county mom
Monroe, UT

So the counties with the highest poverty rates are also those expected to live off of tourism.

Farmington, UT

Yes, or even agriculture, which speaks volumes about developing resources and providing good jobs, since the agrarian economy is long gone in terms of a viable future of prosperity. The family farm just can't make it any more. And that's not necessarily something to celebrate...it's just what it is.

I picked Summit County (#2) and live in Davis County (#3) so I guess I must enjoy life and have things pretty good. I admit that's true and I'm grateful for it. I wish everyone the best when it comes to taking care of themselves and being prosperous in life.

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