College basketball: The ultimate pickup basketball team

Published: Wednesday, April 9 2014 11:57 p.m. MDT

We, of the Deseret News Web sports team, wanted to come up with the ultimate pickup basketball game. After Monday night's NCAA championship game, we divided into two teams: Deseret and News.

Team Deseret was made up of Brandon Judd, Trent Christensen and Chris VanCampen. Managing Team News was Lafe Peavler, Carter Williams and Jay Yeomans. We did a snake draft and this is what we came up.

Which team would win? You decide — a lot of pride is on the line.

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Las Vegas, NV

Pretty good teams, split up pretty well, but Brandon Taylor is missing and he is better than most of the players listed towards the bottom of the rosters.


How can a guy with multi great stats be so bad on the foul line? If KC is going to take it to the basket and often get fouled like Haws, he has yet to be a threat to getting any points out of those trips to the line. And the other team knows it. I wish him well in his recovery and a maybe the docs can fix his foul shooting hand too. Then he'd be a complete scoring package, because he is scrappy and good around the basket with backdoor shots and rebounds.

Bountiful, UT

Wow. Team News, just awful. Bachinsky with your second pick with Mika on that board? I'm a Ute fan and that was just a dumb pick. Team Deseret has Wright, Collinsworth, Loveridge and Mika. Game over. Team News, run a lap or buy Team Deseret lunch, or bury your heads in the sand in shame. Biggest blowout this season.

In a pickup game you have to take Onwas, Winder, Bartley, Taylor, Ogbe. Come on guys, did you even watch college basketball this year?

Lincoln City, OR

Interesting... Looks like one team of "Drafters" really likes the ute players, and the other may lean a little BYU's way...

Who would win? Depends on where they play... If theY're playing in the Huntsman Center probably the Drafters who picked mostly utes (Deseret)... If they're playing anywhere else (and I mean anywhere else)? My money is on the BYU flavored team (News)...

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