By the numbers: Ejections in Utah high school sports

Published: Tuesday, April 8 2014 1:43 p.m. MDT

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Source: UHSAA
Player and coach ejections by year.

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bevery hills, UT

Games played in the afternoon on weekdays will never give way to the best possible officials in any sport. The pool to choose from is extremely small, a majority of those that would/could officiate have careers that won't allow for time off work at 3:30, 2-4 times a week. It is a joke to hear the UHSAA has done things to recruit more officials. They'll take what they can get and a pulse will qualify you.

Provo, UT

Wrestling--a contact sport where honor is important. I see for male sports of a contact nature it leads the way in regards to the best sportsmanship.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

This data is absolute worthless garbage.

- It's not normalized for number of participants. There are a lot more players on a soccer team (11) than a basketball team (5). It stands to reason that there would be a lot more ejections in a soccer game.
- They're counting among soccer ejections players who pick up two yellow cards, which most often comes from too many regular old fouls. But they didn't count basketball players who foul out.

West Jordan, UT

I agree with the point that has been made that boys soccer player ejections may not be accurately represented here because of the yellow and red card system. That said, the data here is hardly useless. Boys soccer coach ejections are still basically 3 times what they are in football, which is also an emotional contact sport.

Don't kid yourself, there is still a huge problem with sportsmanship and anger control among adults associated with boys soccer.

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