April Fools! The top pranks, hoaxes and hijinks in sports

Published: Tuesday, March 31 2015 10:45 p.m. MDT

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During the 2014 season, outfielder Jeff Francoeur became the victim of a well-crafted dupe at the hands of some new teammates.

Francoeur joined the Padres' organization that season and was sent to the Triple-A El Paso Chihuahuas in April. His new teammates couldn't help but prank the veteran into believing Chihuahuas pitcher Jorge Reyes was deaf.

It all started, according to a team film chronicling the dupe, when the team yelled "heads up" during practice and Reyes, as instructed, stayed still.

The gag only built from there, as El Paso players and coaches continued to convince Francoeur that Reyes had never spoken in his life. It didn't matter if it was during practice or in intense moments during a game, the prank was in full force.

Reyes' wife got into the act, telling Francoeur one night during a team dinner that her husband mainly communicated with her via text and hand signals.

As described by his teammates, Francoeur would make hand gestures and over-enunciate his words when communicating with Reyes.

The prank finally came to an end when the organization finished the film (linked above) and showed it to Francoeur. His reaction is epic.

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