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Published: Monday, March 31 2014 11:10 a.m. MDT

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The NCAA tournament is awesome because of the drama and the upsets, but not because we get to see quality basketball, which we generally don’t.

As discussed previously, for one thing the shot clock is way too long. There are few things more tedious to watch in sports than a college basketball team use the full ridiculously long 35-second shot clock, only to throw up a bad shot and then get an offensive rebound and do it all again.

Having such a long shot clock probably contributes to one of the other problems, which is really ugly offensive basketball. When teams have to spend so long defending just one possession, it makes it harder to have energy on the offensive end.

Are we not all tired of scores in the 50s and shooting percentages in the 30s? Many times in basketball, the most exciting, athletic plays are made in transition. When teams have longer possessions, they have less transition basketball and therefore less excitement and entertainment value.

The quality of actual basketball execution over the course of the NCAA tournament has been really low. I have not watched a single game live. I can’t do it. There are far too many delays, timeouts, boring stretches, etc.

That’s the great thing about being able to record the NCAA tournament — fans can skim through the 75 percent of each game that’s boring and just stop and watch the last few minutes of the close games (fast forwarding the endless timeouts and official replays in the last two minutes of course).
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