10 mysteries that remain unsolved

Published: Monday, March 24 2014 11:55 p.m. MDT

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In December of 1919, a little-known Canadian theater owner became one of the most famous missing persons in the first half of the twentieth century.

Ambrose Small was a self-made millionaire who, after selling off all of his theatrical holdings and having a brief visit with his lawyer, simply disappeared. With no ransom note or suicide letter, nor any money missing from his home or accounts, the case of the missing theater owner left little for local police to investigate.

In an attempt to understand the mysterious case, tabloids dug deep into his personal life, hoping to find answers as to why he might disappear. Nothing solid ever surfaced, and to this day no one really knows where, or why, he disappeared.
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California Steve
Hanford, CA

How about "Where's Jimmy Hoffa"??

Tooele, UT

@ California Steve:

The Hoffa story isn't so much a mystery, seeing that an entire group of mob affiliated men knows exactly where Jimmy Hoffa is (or was). His feet are encased in cement at the bottom of some fairly deep water. The rest of him became fish food decades ago.
Sadly, over the last century, many dozens of mob-affiliated victims have shared a similar fate.

American Fork, UT

Where did I put the car keys?

Stockholm, ME

I would also include the mystery of the Mary Celeste, a ship abandoned for unknown reasons in the 1800s near the Azores. There are new theories, but there still is no sure conclusion.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

I'm a bit surprised they left out Flight 19 in which five Navy planes vanished on a training flight in World War II. Spielberg made use of the unsolved mystery in his sci-fi classic film Close Encounters showing the abandoned planes discovered out in the desert.

Salt Lake City, UT

The mystery of the noise from space is exactly that.

A brief, unidentified background noise which happens every
second of every day of every year.

Nothing here, folks.

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

Amelia Earhart?

Wally West

Who let the Dogs out? There was even a song about it.

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