Utah Sports Ruckus: BYU women are now carrying the basketball flag for the entire state of Utah

Published: Monday, March 24 2014 10:25 a.m. MDT

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Last week

Considering the NCAA tournament as a separate prediction, in my other predictions from last week I went just 4-2. I missed on the Utah vs. Saint Mary’s and the Jazz vs. Magic games, while I correctly predicted the BYU women upsetting NC State, the BYU men losing to Oregon, the Jazz losing to the Grizzlies and Utah Valley losing to Cal.

This brings my total record on predictions so far to 61-19 and ended my perfect record on picking Utah men’s basketball games (had been 11-0)

This week’s crystal ball

BYU women’s basketball: 1-1 (The Cougars will win over Nebraska Monday night before unfortunately running up against top-seeded Connecticut on Saturday in the Sweet 16).

Utah Jazz: 1-3 (The Jazz open up a two-game winning streak by beating the Pistons at home Monday before losing to the Grizzlies, Pelicans and Thunder to finish off the week).

NCAA tournament (the two games I now have no chance to win on my bracket): Stanford over Dayton, Louisville over Kentucky.

NIT: California over Arkansas Monday night.

NBA: The Jimmer-hating Bulls will lose at home to the Pacers Monday night (Jimmer has not played a single minute the last five games for Chicago).

NBA: The Thunder will get revenge on the Mavericks Tuesday night for embarrassing them in Oklahoma City on March 16.

NBA: The Pacers will lose at home to the Heat Wednesday night.

NBA: The Jimmer-hating Bulls will win at home vs. the Blazers Friday night.

NBA: The Sixers will end their losing streak by winning at home over the Pistons Saturday.

NBA: The Rockets will beat the Clippers Saturday.

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Old But Not Stupid
Moorpark, CA


Enjoy your work.

I strongly agree with your realistic characterizations of BYU basketball coaching and Jabari Parker.

If only Rose would hire you (94%?) to coach them up in shooting free throws, and me to grill them about court balance and spacing, court sense and awareness [where all of the players are], and "play full out to the whistle/buzzer" [Delavedova would never have gotten off that infamous shot]...they might consistently make the Sweet 16.

Of course, we both know that this will never happen.

Salt Lake City, UT

I think that Jabari is an example of the problem with 1 and done approaches to basketball. What if he stayed on at Duke a bit longer? (or went on a mission? No bball help in that though) Maybe he could develop more ability in defense as well as a bit more maturity in the game.

Lindon, UT

In all fairness, the men's team does not have the height differential that Hamson has for the women. I'm sure that has something to do with the difference in number of blocks. She does play very well as a well-rounded player with much better athleticism than may be expected. She's far more than just a tall gal. I do believe the men have some serious work to do on defense and won't see a whole lot better play in the post season until they do. Please Rose! Find an assistant that specializes in defense and hire him, quick!



You think that Jabari doesn't have enough maturity in his game? He just won Freshman of the Year.

Tooele, UT

It always comes down to just a single team that eventually carries the load for the entire state.
As is usually the case, it's a team from BYU... and a "non-prestigious" conference.
Of course, we recently found out that an average team from that conference can beat an average team from a supposedly "prestigious" conference. And also visa-versa. Go figure. Parity abounds. It's a fact.

Keep up the great work, Lady Cougars!

Sugar City, ID

How old is Jabari Parker? 19 or 20? Lay off! He's just a young man and shouldn't be mocked as he makes important and difficult decisions.

Salt Lake City, UT

RonB. Exactly. He won freshman of the year. Not senior of the year. It is a funny thing about that freshman award......they usually give it to a young 19 year old freshman, not the wise man in the cave. Jabari is a great young man. I do not mean he is immature in that he throws things and punches fans; I mean he needs experience at the higher levels in order to develop his game.

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