A cowboy, baseball and donating blood: General conference quiz

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Since the vast majority of the church’s 15 million members are unable to attend general conference in person, the meetings are broadcast via satellite to more than _________ church buildings in more than 102 countries worldwide. The proceedings are also accessible via the Internet.

a. 6,500

b. 7,400

c. 8,300

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Cottonwood Heights, UT

AZ Ute,
And your point is? What in the world does anything have to do with where Church leaders went to a University?

Mount Pleasant, UT

Thanks Wally for your question - I would like to see a response from AZ Ute. My first impression with AZ Ute's comments was he is not a member of the Church and therefore would not understand the things that are important to members.

G L W8

suzyk#1, Many members of the Church that are sports fans have a different perspective. I won't profile AZ Ute, I don't know him other than his expressed Ute pride. That doesn't make him or anyone else less knowledgeable about spiritual things. We humans are more complex than that.
Ute fan: as to the brethren that are Ute graduates: many of them, including the First Presidency, historically and currently direct the Church Education System. That officially connects them not only with BYU but all the seminaries and institute programs in the nation/world. As recently evidenced, they can even serve as president of BYU. And those former presidents of BYU that are serving as GA's are involved elsewhere--even in the U of U Institute program.
Being a sports fan has its limits--carrying it beyond recreation can cause definite problems. But I for one prefer to be circumspect about judging fan loyalty--as long as said fan doesn't get too rabid! (I have split BYU/Utah loyalties myself, in that order.)

Tooele, UT

How about "love, sacrifice, and taking a stand--the pertinent issues of general conference"

Salt Lake City, UT

That was fun. Harvard, Yale, University of Chicago, Stanford they are all excellent schools. I am more concerned that there are many Red Sox fans amongst the Twelve Apostles. Opening day is Monday. Go Sox!

Swiss Miss
Bethlehem, PA

I'm curious as to why question 24 is there. This Sunday School Presidency was released a year ago. Now Brothers Tad R. Callister, John Tanner, and Devin Durrant make up the General Sunday School Presidency. I am a fan of Brother Richardson though, don't get me wrong.

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