Happy Pie Day! Here are 25 sweet, savory pie recipes

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If your two loves are Girl Scout Cookies and pie, Emily Eyring's list of 30 Girl Scout Cookie recipes provided a tasty solution: combine the two and create something delicious.

Here's a look at another one of the Girl Scout Cookie + pie recipes Eyring recommended:

Do-Si-Dos Pie

Serious Eats bestowed the Pie of the Week award on Lauren Weisenthal's Do-Si-Dos inspired recipe, which is reason enough to try this peanut-butter-mousse-filled treat.

See the recipe.
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Ogden, UT

It's more than that!
Pi carried out to 4 decimals is 3.1415.
This is a once in a century occasion!


Also, Spoc, now that it's a year later, we should round up the 3.1415926542... to 3.1416!

Happy Pi Day 3.1416!
Mike Christensen


(Oh, also...)

Yeah, Deseret News, why didn't YOU say something about these 2 years where the Pi Day digits go out farther than usual?

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