Celebrities and their kids: Family is still important in Hollywood

Published: Sunday, March 9 2014 11:03 p.m. MDT

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AP Photo/Bret Hartman
Married: 2009

Children: Ella Rae, Michael, Grace Margaret, Brendan Joseph

Mark Wahlberg seen in: "The Italian Job"

Quotes from Mark Wahlberg about marriage and family:

  • “For me, family always comes first. I would do anything to protect them.”
    Source: Red Book Magazine

  • “My sons and I thoroughly enjoy Legos. We go to the toy store every week for more. I never want to take what we build apart; I want to put it on a shelf. My wife is starting to get a little annoyed with the Legos lying around.”
    Source: Parade

  • "Having two daughters changed my perspective on a lot of things, and I definitely have a newfound respect for women. And I think I finally became a good and real man when I had a daughter.

    "Women don't get the credit they deserve. ... As far as I'm concerned, there's no job more important on the planet than being a mom."
    Source: Red Book Magazine

  • "Of course [we go on dates]. Every Thursday. We'll leave the house in the late afternoon and go to an early movie or just hang out somewhere. Then we'll go to dinner and catch up.

    "But even when we go out, we like to get home to put the kids to bed."
    Source: Red Book Magazine

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    I know it. I Live it. I Love it.
    Provo, UT

    It's easy for the masses to forget that celebrities are still human beings. They are as flawed, good, bad, and subject to weakness as any of us. Do I believe they love their families? Of course.

    Now their actions need to reflect it.

    * Stay married for longer than a few years
    * Stay married... just stay married

    When one actually commits to their family forever in Hollywood, then I'm satisfied. Families need to remain in tact, not dissolve.


    Actors in Hollywood are used to promote violence and immorality.

    Traditional families and their'prudish' values are generally disparaged.

    American Fork, UT

    Why are you worried about what's going on in hollywood all the time?

    I know it. I Live it. I Love it.
    Provo, UT


    Because they influence millions of people and if we can encourage or speculate on how they might for good... that's something of interest to me. Unlike a growing number of people, some of us want to do good in the world. You're welcome to join us if you want.

    The Scientist
    Provo, UT

    I know it. I Live it. I Love it. Wrote:

    "Unlike a growing number of people, some of us want to do good in the world. You're welcome to join us if you want."

    Way ahead of you. Try to keep up.

    Stop The Nonsense
    El Paso, TX

    It's refreshing to see some of the solid marriages/families in Hollywood. Good to know there are still some family values left in that industry. That being said, how many of these actors/actresses have had 'romantic scenes' with other people? I wonder how that affects the family dynamics...

    Rexburg, ID

    Specific to slides #3, 4, 12 and 16 is discussion about communication, love, devotion and acceptance of step-children, which is important for any family and probably harder achieved under the public scrutiny of Hollywood. The acceptance of step-children can be an issue for a single parent. The seasoned movie stars who balanced work and family life don’t compromise their values, and work to put their families first have been in the business for decades. I like the advice Robert Redford gave to Meryl Streep about “kids not being props.”

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