Utah Sports Ruckus: Poor Jazz asset management; Jimmer's luck; late charges for NCAA tourney

Published: Monday, March 3 2014 10:14 a.m. MST

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Lastly: Hockey fight leads to parenting dilemma

So, I took my 6-year old son to the Grizzlies’ hockey game Friday night, and we sat right up next to the ice. The game was physical with lots of big hits taking place, but was still pretty boring overall until a fight broke out on the ice.

The Grizzlies dude came to the defense of a teammate who had been leveled into the wall, found the Alaskan scoundrel responsible and started pummeling him relentlessly in the face while holding his jersey down with his other arm.

The officials, right or wrong, let them have their brute moment and after a couple minutes it was over. As the two fighters made their way to the penalty box, however, a massive roar came over the crowd in rowdy acceptance and appreciation for what the Grizzlies player had done.

I looked down at my son and saw him punching the air, mimicking the actions and vocalizing the words he imagined the Grizzlies player had said to his foe as he punched his face repeatedly: “Don’t mess with my teammate, buddy, or that’s what you get!” “How did you like them apples?” etc.

I bent down to remind my adorable, innocent little boy that fighting is bad, that it is never cool to fight, etc. But the communication was difficult over the thunderous frenzy of the home crowd, some just shouting, “Yeah!," others yelling profanities, and yet others making mostly finger signs in glorious support of the fight that had just taken place before us.

It was a surreal moment and I was reminded that the world generally enjoys great advantages over parents in the ongoing war of attempting to impact young people with words and messages.

How does a father teach a young son, for example, that striking another human being is dangerous and wrong, at the same time that the young son is being enveloped by a crowd-fed frenzy well beyond his years, complete with music, lights and lots and lots of cheering, powerfully demonstrating to him that intentionally trying to harm another person is not only not bad, it’s triumphant and amazing too. People love for you doing it. It makes you cool.

When the initial energy of the fight settled down somewhat and my son turned to me and said: “Dad, did you see that fight? That was awesome!”

I looked into his joyful eyes for a moment, scanned the high-fiving crowd, watched the players still jawing at each other and then turned back to my son and said: “Yeah, it was pretty awesome. The Grizzlies guy kicked his butt for taking out his teammate, didn’t he?”

My son gave me an approving glance and said: “Oh, yeah.”

I quickly leaned down then and whispered in his ear: “But you know fighting’s bad and you should never do it, right?”

“Right,” he answered seriously. And then we bumped fists and went back to watching the hockey game. “Cool.”

Fatherhood, life and sports — such a beautiful joint jungle for bonding, teaching and learning lessons.

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roy, UT


You need to listen to the radio show Jake and Tony on 1280. They have some great points that but your comments in the back seat. I'm sure they have it archived so that you can listen to it. The Jazz have players that are getting minutes but they do need a veteran in their starting five to look for leadership and I think Jefferson is doing a great job. Any how I agree with all that Jake and Tony said about your article, and I think you should listen to it.

Tooele, UT

I've talked about apparent poor coaching decisions regarding our foundation five for much of this season... as have other fans.
Too bad that Corbin just can't seem to be able to see and buy into the bigger and more meaningful vision. Anything regarding Jefferson on the court is strictly short-term and very limited team vision.

Tooele, UT

One other point about the Bulls from your article...

Phil Jackson, Dennis Rodman and Michael Jordan haven't been associated with the Bulls for quite some time and so are no longer a detriment. That's ancient history for most of us. Many current younger Jazz fans don't even remember those Finals match-ups.

And yes, many of us Jazz fans will be pulling for Jimmer regardless of which team he would've gone to. So the Bulls it is. At least there are some past Jazz connections there.

Germany, 00

@ABELIEVER (AKA Greg Miller)

What a surprise that your employees, Jake and Tony, on your radio station, 1280 the Zone, defended the choices of the Jazz. Shocking. That idea of the veteran leadership is hollow. You're telling me Hayward and Favors have been in the league three years now and they still need an old, washed up veteran to show them "leadership" or how to play the game? That doesn't bode well for the Jazz!

Sandy, UT

I think DresdenBalla said it perfectly. I agree with Nate and his assessment -- it makes sense and seems extremely obvious.

West Jordan, Utah

The poll question gave only negative options about playing Jefferson. Young players and their development is often aided by a veteran presence and leader. Jefferson deserves some credit in my opinion for the positive influence and teacher he has been on the court. He has been on winning teams and organizations, plus he still has some miles left in the tank. His efforts aren't getting him any closer to a ring right now, but he is being a true professional. I appreciate that.

roy, UT


Number one please listen to the Jake and Tony show, they make great points about how this article was written. In the past Jake and Tony have blasted the Jazz and praised the Jazz just like all other unbiased media outlets have done. A point that they were making is Corbin's contract was not extended and he is doing everything in his power to win games. If that means putting Jefferson and William's into the starting lineup and winning then that is what Corbin is going to do. I agree with the direction of where the Jazz are going with their young core however, I disagree with Jazz management in not extending Corbins contract so that he would be at more liberty to develop the core more.

I am a Jazz fan and hope for the best for this season and seasons to come.

wyoming cougar
Green River, WY


Please do better research before putting your column out there. The WCC tournament has changed its format this year. Seeds 7-10 have play-in games for men and women on Thursday. Women play quarterfinals on Friday with BYU starting at Noon PST. Men have quarterfinals on Saturday with BYU playing at Noon also. No games on Sunday. Monday has women's and men's semifinal games and the championship games for both will be held on Tuesday.

The WCC decided that with 10 teams now they wanted to go to a more traditional bracket seeding.

Other than that I enjoyed and agree with the majority of your view points. I feel the Jazz have made some poor decisions this year with development- but more than just year- it's been an ongoing problem. I am liking contributions from Marvin Williams though and hope they can re-sign him. I have mixed feelings about Hayward however, and hope the organization doesn't blow it by signing him to a huge contract.

Taylorsville, UT

@wyoming cougar -

Thanks for bringing that error to my attention and I apologize for it. We got it fixed. Somehow I had pulled up a 2013 schedule instead of a 2014.

I agree the Hayward situation is an interesting one and will probably cover that in the near future.

Thanks again for the feedback, and to everyone else that participated as well.

Germany, 00


I agree with your point about Corbin's contract situation. Very poorly managed by the Jazz.

As for the point about Jefferson's veteran leadership, judging by last night's horrific blowout loss to the worst team in the NBA, it seems the message/example of the right way to play is not getting through.

The Jazz have really mismanaged the team this season. The GM and execs are more to blame than Corbin.

Granstville, UT

I agree with the balla.
Nothing the people on 1280 says is credible. These people only parrot the message the owners of the Jazz/Radio Station tell them to report. They aren't going to admit to making a wrong decision about Jefferson over Kanter or Evans, so the word is put out to defend the decision on the radio.
Anyone with a lick of logical sense can see the error in this thinking, but those on 1280 keep beating the drum.
Then, on draft day when the Jazz pick 11th, they will try to put a different spin on it and make out like they did the best the could this season. And, most of the sheep listening to the radio will believe it.

Old But Not Stupid
Moorpark, CA

Uhhh, Nate.

I think you missed the Utah-BYU baseball game prediction by a mile. Didn't the Cougars win 2-3?

Taylorsville, UT

@Old But Not Stupid,

I knew the coin I flipped for picking that game should have landed on heads instead of tails!

But hey, I did get the Utes over Cal and Rockets over Heat correct. Not so much on the Jazz/Bucks game, though!

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