Power rankings: Pac-12, WCC, MWC men's basketball, Edition 8

Published: Friday, Feb. 28 2014 4:36 p.m. MST

Matt Gade, Deseret News
Considering how closely bunched many of the teams from the Pac-12, Mountain West and West Coast conferences are, this season has largely gone as expected. All 11 teams currently projected to make the NCAA Tournament by either ESPN or CBS Sports were ranked in the top 15 of the initial set of these power rankings Nov. 21. Let's look more closely at the teams from the Pac-12, WCC and MWC that have pleasantly surprised and the teams that have disappointed before we get to the top 15 teams. Here is Edition 8 of the Pac-12/WCC/MWC power rankings (games through Feb. 27)
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Salt Lake City, UT

Sounds like Nate needs to do a little more research:

#35 BYU(20-10) #20 SOS is all but a lock to make the NCAA tournament as long as they beat San Diego and win a couple of games in the WCC tournament

#93 Utah(18-9) #142 SOS has absolutely no chance of getting an at-large bid to the NCAA; Utah's ONLY chance to go dancing is to win the PAC 12 tournament

In the Latest 2014 Bracket Matrix (90 different brackets), BYU is listed in SEVENTY-ONE (including ESPN, Yahoo, and USA Today), Utah is listed in ONE.

Las Vegas, NV

Sounds like Nate has done his homework and reported "reality" which is that the WCC is a one bid league. Congrats to whomever wins the conference tourney, because after that, the NIT is probably only going to take one WCC team as well, leaving the 3rd place team to the CBI. Most projections agree, nobody from the WCC is a "lock" for anything.

Anaheim, CA


Sounds like you need to do your homework too. With the arrival of BYU, the WCC has become a 2 to 3 bid league.

Salt Lake City, UT

What Coach K has accomplished with the Utes in just 2 years (3rd season) is simply stunning. He started with nothing and has his team on the cusp of a 500 season in the elite Pac-12. What an outstanding turnaround and great success this year. It's fun to see the HC come back to life!

Given the preseason talk from byu fans this has to be humbling for them (if it's even possible for byu to reach that point in their world). Rose was handed a healthy program several years ago and it has gone no where even considering the pathetic conference that is the WCC. So fun to have Duckhunter disappear from the Utah boards for a month. lol.

Salt Lake City, UT

"BYU: Even after recent wins over Saint Mary's and Gonzaga..." Who?

"...racking up losses to the likes of Loyola Marymount, Pepperdine, Portland and Pacific..." Who?

Provo, UT


You think it's possible to have a WCC conf schedule an end up with a #20 SOS. That does not meet the eye test. I'll go with Sagarin who has BYU's SOS at 56. Following today's game against San Diego expect that SOS to land in the mid 60's.

Sagarin has Utah's SOS at 91 but with remaining games against probable NCAA tournament teams Stanford, Cal & Colorado, expect Utah's SOS to land on the 70's.

Despite Utah's embarrassing pre-season schedule, that's what playing in the #3 conference vs. #10 conference will do for your SOS.

Provo, UT


I've learned to never to paint myself in a corner by using words like "lock" or "no chance". Does BYU have a better shot at getting in the tournament than Utah? Yes. However BYU has demonstrated the ability to get blown off the court by several teams including Utah. BYU has also demonstrated the ability to lose to really bad teams. Utah on the other hand has played every team close this year except UCLA at Pauley. Perhaps that's why Utah's BPI is 36 and BYU's is 46.

If BYU loses to San Diego they have to win the WCC tourny to get in. If they lose early in the WCC touny, their out for sure.

If Utah finishes the regular season 2-1 and then gets 2 wins in the PAC12 tourny, they're in.

Old But Not Stupid
Moorpark, CA

My Perp & others

Please! While Coach Krysto has done very well in your universe, he is no Coach K.

Coach K is at Duke University 2,123 miles to the East.

Greenwood, IN

Perspective, Your perspective is skewed, as you have no recollection of the state of the BYU basketball program when Dave Rose took over in 2005. The prior year they went 9-21, 3-11 in the MWC which is almost as bad as Utah was prior to the arrival of Coach K. Coach K has done great things for Utah, and Coach Rose has done great things for BYU. He has won at least 20 games every year he's been there, and made it to either the NCAA or the NIT every year too. You shouldn't really pooh pooh BYU's record too much as Utah's only decent win in it's OOC schedule was BYU. Congratulations on your road win against hapless USC (first road win of the season). Now the Utes have matched BYUs road win total against PAC12 teams.

Las Vegas, NV

Thanks Coach K! Definitely the right hire at the U!!

Looks like byU is in a tight one with the Toreros at Jenny Craig Stadium. I'm sorry - but I don't care how you spin it, that will never be big time basketball!!

It's great to be a Ute!!

Onward and Upward.

Provo, UT


If you think pre Rose BYU was as bad as pre krystowiak Utah you are out of your mind. Sure, BYU struggled that year, but Utah was absolutely mind boggling bad. They had half the team leaving every year because they didn't want to play in such a terrible situation. Coach Rose never had to deal with anything like that.

I'm not saying coach Krystkowiak is any better than coach Rose, but don't even try to compare the situations they were in when they were hired.

water rocket
Magna, UT

Coach K (easier to spell) has been a fantastic coach for the U. His professionalism and optimism are great qualities. He has also been very good at recruiting, which will serve the U well.

Coach Rose has had to deal with some personality issues, and has managed to turn around the super-ego mindset of some of his players and finish the season strong. BYU's biggest problems are inconsistency from just about every player (except Haws and Mika) on offense, and the lack of defensive effort. Oh, and the terrible free throw shooting in some of the games.

As far as I am concerned, BOTH coaches are worthy of respect. USU on the other hand, is tragically disappointing this year.

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