Top 20 players to watch in the 4A and 5A state tournaments

Published: Friday, Feb. 28 2014 2:12 p.m. MST

Some of the best hardwood talent in the state will be on full display at the 5A and 4A state basketball tournaments. The tournaments will take place at the Huntsman center and are sure to showcase some great, and competitive basketball. Here's a look at 20 of the top players who will be taking part in the tournaments. Many of them already have college offers in hand while others should be receiving offers in short order.
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orem, utah

I think these lists are sometimes a slap in the face of many of the great players in the state. I only know some of the Utah County Kids and not many from other schools, but here are just a few: Zach Frampton from Lone Peak (without him LP is just a two man show), Pincock from Pleasant Grove (without him PG probably has a handful of losses, his three point shooting against some of the states best competition has been phenomenal), Rawson from AF is arguably better than Andrus (He had 24 against PG and Andrus had zero in their last win) I could go on, but you get the point. Sometimes I wonder if the news reporters even watched the games. If you know a great player not listed in the top twenty please comment.


Obviously SUU bound Tyler Rawson got left off this list. Maybe the best overall big man in the state and most versatile big overall. If AF goes deep or even wins it all expect Tyler Rawson to be MVP. Scorer, rebounder, three point shooter, monster dunker, assists, shot blocker, and team player. Look at his stat sheets and it will be filled up across the line. MVP for AF in many minds!


9-20 players have played for Utah Pump N Run (now known as Utah Basketball Club). Some great basketball players in the State of Utah who have also played exceptionally against national competition in AAU ball. Get out and watch these future college stars!

american fork, UT

Out of those I have watched this year, American Fork impresses me. All they lack is believing they can beat the best. And a little better conditioning. They ran out of gas in their Lone Peak losses.
I predict American Fork to win 5 a sate championship.

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