19 children's books we read the most in 2013

Published: Thursday, Feb. 27 2014 11:41 p.m. MST

Power of Moms

Our house is rarely calm. Most of the time the living room is a blur of kids jumping on couches, unfolded laundry dumped out of baskets, the boys wrestling on the floor, the girls whining, screeching, laughing, songs from the "Frozen" soundtrack bouncing off the walls, granola bars sneaked out of the pantry and snarfed under the dining room table.

Can you relate?

But books do something kind of spectacular. They calm the crazy right down, draw my children together, nestle them onto the couches, shoulders touching, and conjure a quiet I believe is essential in this go-go, teched out world.

In a matter of minutes my five children are lost in brilliant, whimsical illustrations. Lost in words that paint pictures and sing songs. Words that make them think, laugh and rhyme out loud, temporarily transporting them to a new and different place.

I cannot imagine a world without books.

There were a number of excellent picture books published in 2013. Our list this year includes some old books, some new-ish, and a bunch that are brand new.

Here are 19 children's books we read the most in 2013.

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Br. Jones
North East, MD

Thanks for this lovely list!

Just Me
Richfield, UT

Great List!!! Read some with my own children.

You should try "You Should, You Should"

It teaches a great lesson for all ages!

Tooele, UT

I loved the list, but what I loved even more was laughing and sharing with my husband the first paragraph and sentence following. Have you been over here lately? :)

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