High school boys basketball: 3A boys basketball state tournament capsules

Published: Tuesday, Feb. 18 2014 11:09 a.m. MST

The 3A state tournament is back in Region 9 country this year as Southern Utah will host the final three rounds of the tournament after the first round is played at home sites. However, unlike past years when the 3A tourney was held at Dixie State and Region 9 teams dominated, a repeat of that trend seems unlikely.

No. 1 Morgan rolls into the tourney with the highest-scoring offense in 3A, while fellow northern schools Payson, Grantsville and Juan Diego are also capable of getting hot and making deep tourney runs.

All four Region 9 teams who qualified for the tourney — Snow Canyon, Pine View, Cedar and Desert Hills — have the potential to string a few wins together as well, and if they do they'll definitely have home-court advantage at SUU.

Here’s a team-by-team look at all 16 teams in the state tournament, and what to expect:

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Saint George, UT

Region 9 is the toughest region in 3a and the will have a lot to say about the who wins the state title I think the teams down south are under rated go panthers

Payson, UT

People can say what they want about the supposed "Southern Utah Hex" when northern teams play down south. However anyone looking at the record of referee's and fouls can judge for themselves. One team in particular in the last tournament in Dixie had a record of fouls 38-12 and I am sure that there were others equally as lopsided. Please with this tournament use refs from northern Utah for the home teams and vica versa... and please let the UHSAA make sure that this tournament is called fairly. Let the players decide the outcome, not the referees.

St. George, UT

@ Dallas8

Southern Utah teams get bad referring every time the tourney is up North. The fact is that high school refs aren't very good and there are always bad calls just like there were last year at Weber State. I think the game you are referring to was a game in which the less talented team from up North tried to "muscle up" the better team from the South, which is why there was such a difference in the fouls. I doubt it was 38-12.

Payson, UT

If you are doubting the foul count, all you have to do is check the records for the tourney in St. George. Pretty sure it speaks for itself. As far as muscling up... I don't know what you are talking about, but thanks...

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