9 winter activities for families in Utah

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Tourists flock to Park City every winter to experience the "greatest snow on earth." But the art scene isn't too shabby either. With more than 20 galleries displaying everything from paintings to sculptures, jewelry, photographs and everything in between, there is definitely something for everyone in your family.

Website: parkcitygalleryassociation.com
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Bountiful, UT

All 10 listed activities are nice and fun, but honestly, my favorite activities in the winter are golf, tennis and surfing in San Diego!

Woodland Hills, UT

Number 7 says go for a drive. Governor Herbert says we shouldn't drive because of the the bad air, which is it?

Cedar Hills, UT

soldier hollow is fun but far too expensive. At $20 a person (for 2 hours) you spend $100++ per family...just to tube! It ought to be $5 a person if you bring your own tube. The snow shoeing this year is terrible. Went to my favorite spot last weekend (Aspen Grove) and the snow was so wet and full of water all you did was sink. The trail normally goes all the way to the first waterfall but no one (expect us) made it that far this year. There had been a big avalanche up there this year. You need dry powder to have good snow shoeing. Just saying...

Centerville, UT

How about shooting varmints and predators for farmers and ranchers (legally, of course)?

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