The 10 most conservative states

Published: Tuesday, Feb. 4 2014 10:45 p.m. MST

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Gallup’s latest State of the States poll, published on Jan. 31, 2014, ranked each state in America from most conservative to most liberal.

While the gap between “conservative and liberal self-identification” is narrowing, the conservative advantage is still appears predominant.

According to the poll's data, most of the conservative states are found in the South and West, while the more liberal-identified states are located on the coasts.

According to Gallup, the results of the poll are based on phone interviews of 178,527 adults conducted Jan. 2-Dec. 29, 2013.

Included within our list are Gallup's conservative/liberal rankings and the percentage of the state's population who either approve or disapprove of President Barack Obama's job performance.

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Durham, NC

Interesting numbers here. A couple things that jump out is only one state has a majority of conservatives, that being one of the least populous states - Wyoming. Only one. The second is not shocking... that Utah is the state that dislikes Obama the most.... despite the fact that it is not the most conservative state.

The other interesting thing is that if the state voting districts weren't so rigged to elections one way or another, even the most liberal and most conservative states are barely what they are. Most states are relatively balanced in their distribution of liberal, independent and conservative. No party should be assuming they can do what ever they want... none of them have a mistake proof margin, even in Utah.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

according to the article, your statement is incorrect. You said Utah is the state that dislikes BO the most. His disapproval rating in Utah was only 67.3 percent, while folks from Wyoming show themselves to be more wise as their disapproval rating for BO stands at 70.1 percent. Utahans approve of BO 27.3 percent while folks from Wyoming again show themselves more wise and only 22.5 percent approve of BO I must admit to not understanding liberal math, but in the real world, 70.1 is MORE than 67.3 and 22.5 is less than 27.3.

But you are correct that liberal states gerrymander their districts to negate the will of conservatives, and there is probably some that in conservative states, too.

ute alumni

I would be hard pressed to find the 27.3% of people in Utah that approve of barry. I don't know one person. Survey must have been conducted in Sugarhouse.

Logan, UT

Congratulations, ute alumni! You've just met someone! Utah is a rather diverse place with multiple universities. In every state, there is no "1 (political) ring to rule them all." Instead, the US is growing in diversity - what a wonderful thing!

Aaron S

Gee. Another reason to love Wyoming.

Phillip M Hotchkiss
Malta, Mt

Happy to be living in one of them states!

Salt Lake City, UT

@lost in DC
"But you are correct that liberal states gerrymander their districts to negate the will of conservatives, and there is probably some that in conservative states, too."

The district I grew up in in Maryland was gerrymandered by Dems to force out the Republican and then of course the district I'm in now was redrawn to try and force out Matheson. There's a ton of gerrymandering by Republicans lately after they won all those governor seats in 2010 and then the maps were redrawn, especially in the swing states. States like Pennsylvania (13R 5D, Obama won), Ohio (12R 4D, Obama won), Virginia (8R 3D, Obama won), and Michigan (9R 5D, Obama won). That's the main reason why the Dems failed to take back the House in 2012 despite re-electing Obama, gaining Senate seats, and there being more votes nationwide for Democrats in House races than Republicans in House races.

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