City Creek: New store list

Published: Tuesday, Sept. 13 2011 5:25 p.m. MDT

Taubman Centers Inc. announced the first 20 stores in the new City Creek Center. The 700,000-square-foot retail space will offer approximately 80 stores and restaurants. "This is a great statement about the economy here," said Linda Wardell, retail general manager for the project. "These 20 new stores are an exciting part of City Creek Center that is very significant for this local economy." The following is a list of the stores announced on Tuesday. To see more on these retailers and the City Creek development, click here.
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Love Utah
Draper, UT

I'm very excited about City Creek. Having lived in London, UK and Seattle, WA, I've really missed having a high end mall here in SLC. Especially love the fact that Brooks Brothers and a dedicated Yankee Candle store are coming to town. It really will be a wonderful addition to a fantastic city and State. Seriously guys, this is turning out to be a wonderful place. We are very fortunate.

South Jordan, UT

Is it just me or is there a disconnect between LDS values and these stores. I understand the LDS church wants to keep downtown Salt Lake viable/relevant so it doesn't deteriorate like some other cities have, but it seems like the collection of stores they have attracted are ones that are ones that feed people's pride and make them seek after riches and costly apparel. All of a sudden this is starting to look like the great and spacious building that will be about the haves-ites who shop there and the have not-ites who are the homeless across the street begging by the temple.

los angeles, ca

I thoroughly enjoy several of these brands (and am shocked that this will be their first experience in Utah!) but am wondering what kind of ramifications there may be when the LDS Church is doing business with such symbols of vanity and materialism as BCBG MaxAzria, etc. Kind of a strange combo!

Salt Lake City, UT

@homeless ... would you feel more comfortable if a DI was included in the plans?



You are right, there should only be Deseret Book, Deseret Industries, and Clean Flicks stores in City Creek.

As an non-member of the predominant church, I applaud their real estate arm for filling these spaces with stores that will appeal to everyone...not just strict LDS members.

My only hope is that they allow restaurants to serve wine and liquor -- otherwise they will not attract quality dining establishments.

Remember, athough there may be a lot of LDS members in the state of Utah, it does not mean that you should run this place as your own little utopia -- there are others here with different beliefs that have just as much a stake in this community as you.


I am struggling with mixed messages. Does the church want us to spend our money on Coach handbags and Tiffany jewlrey while so many in our country are struggling?

Salt Lake City, UT

Dear Homeless, Think of all the construction workers, store employee's, designers, architect's, engineer's and countless others who will earn a paycheck from this project. Or would you rather have them make their living by "begging across the street". It seems that you would prefer homelessness to employment. Go OCCUPY a JOB!

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