A note to my daughter: Seven attributes that make a husband worth the trouble

Published: Tuesday, Jan. 28 2014 12:29 p.m. MST

Provided by Gary Larson

Sweetheart, you are at an age when the possibility of you finding the “man of your dreams” will become more and more of a reality over the next several years.

I know that once you are involved emotionally, it will be hard to offer you any advice that may seem to be negative or non-supportive.

For this reason, allow me to suggest the following seven ”potential husband” attributes that I think you should look for as you filter through the muddy swamp full of men to find the one who sparkles for you.

Gary and Joey Larson have spent much of the last 20 years residing in both Florida and Utah. They have four children, a new daughter-in-law and their first grandchild on the way.

Gary received his bachelor's degree at Princeton University and his MBA at Brigham Young University. He also served a two-year LDS church mission to Chile. He writes a weekly blog found at www.highfiveyourlife.com. His recent book, “HighFive Your Life,” shares, through personal stories and experiences, how we can find the silver lining in our day-to-day trials.

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Wasatch Front, UT

Nice list, but you missed the most important attribute of a spouse, be it husband or wife: Kind. If a man or woman is kind, almost all other attributes you want will come out. A kind man or woman is more concerned about others than himself or herself. They will work hard, smile, be respectful, etc. I always put kind at the top of the list.

West Jordan, UT

Good reminder for all of us to be our best self. Thanks for sharing! :)

Saratoga Springs, UT

"And we will love him as long as you can endure being around him and until such time that you throw him back into the swamp. If that time comes, you will know it because he is just no longer worth the trouble." Love this line. So true, been there.

carman he did put kindness, it was just under "Joyful". I agree, kindness is key.

Sandy, UT

Good, kind, crazy about you. Unfortunately, single, straight men possessing all three of these qualities have been snatched up by age 21. Believe me, I'm 39 and never married, I know. Your daughter is lucky to have a dad like you still married to her mother.

Provo, UT

To: Llew40, I beg to differ with your comment. Just because you have never been married doesn't make you an authority of men. Many men possess all 3 of these qualities and could be either married or single. I have been married, divorced and currently single and possess these qualities as any woman would tell you that knows me. Following the Spirit of God will lead one to the proper companion that has those qualities. Following the Spirit has been good to me lately in dating as well as other aspects of life.

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