100-photo Super gallery: Mormons, locals playing in previous Super Bowls

Published: Tuesday, Jan. 28 2014 3:46 a.m. MST

Associated Press

Editor's note: This is not an all-inclusive list of every local or Mormon to compete in the Super Bowl. It is, however, photos of as many players and coaches we had access to.

From Steve Young and Jim McMahon to Marv Fleming and Lionel Aldridge, there have been plenty of college football stars who suited up in Utah and went on to play in the Super Bowl later in their careers.

Likewise, there have been numerous Mormons who've followed the same path. These men have experienced the thrill, and sometimes agony, that comes with playing in the NFL's annual championship game.

Here's a visual look at some of those players, and a few coaches, competing that day on the sport's biggest stage.

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Ben H
Clearfield, UT

You forgot about Al Pupunu who is from Weber State and played tight end for the Chargers in their sole Super Bowl appearance. Pupunu caught a 2-point conversion.

St. George, UT

Doug Jolley (BYU) started for the Raiders at tight end in the 2002 Super Bowl.

Ben H
Clearfield, UT

And since you mentioned backup quarterback Alex Smith, you should also mention that Steve Young was a backup to Montana and that Weber State's Jamie Martin was a backup to Kurt Warner.

Rob of NV
Las Vegas, NV

I noted the author's disclaimer. However, if I remember correctly, Bill Ring, Todd Shell and Tom Holmoe, former BYU players, all played on SF 49ers Super Bowl championship teams. Also, Todd Christensen of BYU was on the Oakland/LA Raiders Super Bowl teams. I am surprised the author did not have access to any images of these players as they have appeared before in the DN. Also, I think Merlin Olsen, from Utah State was still playing for the LA Rams when they lost the Super Bowl to the Pittsburgh Steelers. There are so many years of football in my mind, but I also think Lee Johnson, K from BYU and Leon White, a LB for BYU were on Super Bowl teams with the Bengals or Patriots. One of the Oates (Brad?), from BYU, played for the Broncos Super Bowl teams during the Orange Crush era. Also, I think Chad Lewis and Reno Mahe, both of BYU, played for the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl teams. Rather than see multiple pictures of the same players, I would have liked to have seen a more inclusive list. Certainly there are images available of these players.

Enid, OK

Wow, pretty cool! Lots of players from the state of Utah....BYU, Utah, Utah State primarily. Didn't know that Billick and the coach from the Niners (Siefert) were associated with BYU and Utah.

As a state we are small in population but seem to be well represented at the pro level over the years.

Nice job to everyone!

(BTW, I think my favorite picture was of Steve Young lying flying on his back with his arms up signaling a touchdown. Classic, enthusiastic Steve Young!)


Really? You had to go the Mormon route? How about Utahn's that suited up for the Super Bowl? Sounds a lot more inclusive.

sid 6.7
Holladay, UT

I agree with you totally impartial.

I was however floored when I read about George Seifert. I had no idea.

I too would have liked to see Utahan's who have suited for the SB regardless of their religious beliefs. The multiple pictures of the same person especially those like Kiesel who got multiple pictures in multiple Super Bowl's was well how do I say it with out being rude.... That part of the list was not super sweet so to speak.

Richmond, VA

The Mormon references could've been left out, otherwise it was an impressive list. I didn't know we had that many people from Utah schools involved in Super Bowls, both as players and coaches. Thanks for sharing!

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