Top 5 commit performances

Published: Wednesday, Sept. 7 2011 3:03 p.m. MDT

#4 - Butch Pau'u, 6-0, 225, LB, Servite HS, Anaheim, Calif. (committed to BYU) Next » 2 of 5 « Prev
Pau'u family
Pau'u was the leader of the Friar defense in defeating powerhouse Oceanside in its first game of the year. He tallied 15 tackles (three for loss). He had a fumble recovery.
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Riddles in the Dark
Olympus Cove, Utah

Four of the five top performers committed to BYU... no surprise there.

Saint George, UT

Looks like that Pac 12 is really helping out hey!! 1 of the top 5 goes to Utah instead of 0...Nice. BYU gets 4 of the 5. The power of ESPN... Love it

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I'm a Cougar fan. And I do feel like we have a slight edge recruiting this year having won the battles for Hinds and Mangum. Utah had the better class last year easily in my opinion as well. And us in 2010. However, perspective is always necessary. A lot of the reason the top 5 is weighted toward BYU as much as it is is because BYU has 17 commits and Utah has 10. Furthermore, Utah doesn't have as many skill position commits thus far. If BYU didn't have 3 then of the top 5 then it would be a complete failure. Adding that 4th puts us slightly ahead, but still is what we should have had. So there is a bit of an addendum. That said, I'm still very excited about this year's recruiting class and, coupled with 2010, there is a very bright future ahead for the Cougars

Frisco, TX

These are four solid players lined up to come to BYU. I'm surprised Josh Weeks, the WR from AZ didn't make the list. Mangum to Weeks will be a combination we will hear often when the two arrive on campus.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

By ESPN I assume you're referring to the Elder's Sports Priesthood Network.

You are kidding yourself if you think these recruits come to BYU for anything other than the LDS experience. These kids' decisions have less to do with being on TV and more to do with going to firesides, and associating with other LDS athletes and LDS women. Not a bad choice, but trying to use an ESPN contract as a dig is disingenuous at best and duplicitous at worst. The tradition you have is kids and coaches running their mouths pre-season, a NC* disappearing in the rear view mirror and lots of bowl game losses.

By the way, this is not a very accurate list of top players. I would argue that while McClellon is an awesome addition for the U, he's probably not the best. More to the point, the title says the top commits for Utah, Utah State etc. but primarily mentions Y kids.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

So let me get this straight: A BYU writer ranks commits based on unpublished, totally subjective criteria. The same BYU writer ranks their performances based on unpublished, totally subjective criteria. And the Cougar faithful are excited when 4 of the 5 are BYU commits?

I'm honestly surprised that there's a non-BYU commit on this list. Either Utah has recruited such a good player that the writer would lose all credibility if he were left off, or the writer is attempting to give the illusion of impartiality. Probably a mix of both.


Consider the source. If it was the top 25 commit performances it would have been all BYU.

Alpine, UT


You are kidding yourself if you think that ESPN doesn't play a role in these kids decisions to play at BYU. Did you notice where they're from? In case you didn't, two are from Florida, one from Cal. and one from Idaho. Do you think their families and friends at home might be excited about seeing them on TV every week? Do you think they get KJZZ in those locations? Claiming that BYU's ESPN contract has nothing to do with recruits choosing to come to BYU is naive at best and ridiculous at worst. The tradition BYU has is of Hall of Fame players and coaches, national awards, top 25 finishes, and a national following. Oh yeah, and a national championship.

By the way, 4 or 5 of the 17 commits BYU has received in this recruiting class are not LDS so clearly they are not coming to BYU to go to firesides and have the LDS experience. Finally, if there are recruits out there from Utah or USU that had better performances last week, please let us know about them. Otherwise, you're jealousy is just getting the best of you.

South Jordan, UT

Review the source before commenting. DES News is not the source fo Utah football. Utah only has 9 commits so far. I believe BYU has 19 or 20. BYU has some good players but the class is not over at this point so the article is premature. Maybe a t shirt can be created. 4 out of 5. Would bronco wear it?

Las Vegas, NV

Provo fans need to be reminded that BCS schools actually jockey for players all the way up to the final minute of signing letters of intent. Many of Utah's recruits last year signed at the last minute. That is why Utah does not have as many commits at this time. The top talent likes to wait it out and see all offers and then make a choice. Since BYU is not a BCS school, getting the recruits as soon as possible is the best deal for them. But Utah is in a new recruiting war. You can't judge classes until they are signed.

Straight Forward>>>
utah, UT

Ya Sir Robin, what do those elite 11 coaches know anyway...naming Mangum co-mvp...what were they thinking? they must of been BYU writers too?

Im sure the 5'9" utah recruit will tear it up when he gets to the D1 level.

Dave S
Holladay, UT

Who came up with this list? I have only heard of two of the five names listed.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Straight Forward -

"Im sure the 5'9" utah recruit will tear it up when he gets to the D1 level. "

Good point, as a Ute fan it drives me crazy that Utah keeps recruiting guys like David Reed (NFL) and Steve Smith (uhhhhh, NFL). Those guys are way to small to be good receivers.

Grantsville, UT

How did that prized #1 recruit in the country Ben Olson work out for you BYU. Half of all recruits that college teams sign, never even see the field for the teams they sign with. Many have academic issues, personal problems, or other issues. Auburn is loaded with 4 and 5 star players and the Aggies dominated the game. I believe coaching has a lot do with player development. Boise State probably does the best job at finding diamonds in the rough.

Farmington, UT

It appears all of you jealous Utes missed the point of this list. Of all the Utah, USU and BYU commits that are still playing in high school, these are the top 5 performances from last week. That's why maybe you haven't heard too much about some of them.

If the DNews writes an article and even mentions BYU these days, Utes are up in arms. It's become petty and childish...and entertaining!

Pocatello, ID

How about Utah commit Chase Hansen's line:

Game 3 against Davis, Lone Peak wins 21 - 10
Chase went 23 of 40 in the air for 258 yards and 3 TD's.
On the ground he had 121 yards on 22 carries.
5 tackles on defense.

Seems to me that accounting for 379 yards of offense, all the teams points and sprinkling in 5 tackles should at least be in the top 5

West Jordan, UT

Judging from past comments from Coach Witt, I don't think he is to concerned that BYU got 4 of the top 5 local recruits. As for BYU fans...enjoy the ride.

Bountiful, UT

Articles by a byu guy... enough said.

Magna, UT

Lots of angry Utes here today and lots of not so bright Cougars.

This is a list of HS commits and the author states that most are defensive. You will see this list for several more weeks and it's obvious that BYU will have more on the list as BYU has far more commits than Utah currently does, that will change.

This list is "TOP" performers for "ONE" week for heaven sake. I think the performances are worthy of making the list. Chase Hansen was not disrespected, he is a terrific athlete and will make other lists. The Utah kid from Ca. had Outstanding stats and quite frankly, I fear this kid as a BYU fan.

Come on every one, relax and give the "High School" kids some love.

Cougars, quit being so in your face and Utes, your kids will come and cut out the childish poor pitiful me stuff.

Portland, OR

Look at the source, Brandon Gurney! Total byU homer. We all know if Chase Hansen was a byU commit he would be number two on this list. Chase just beat an 2-0 4a state championship Highland team with:

380 yards passing and 6 TD 0 int (Jake heaps should take a lesson)
171 yards rushing and 2 TD

But I guess Brandon Gurney doesn't think that performance is worth mentioning, but some linebacker, Amone, with 12 tackles is; please!!!!!!!

Over 550+ yards of total offense and 8 TDs, but not worth anything?

byU fans have all the three star LB's with 12 tackles and us Utah fans will take all the 4-star QB/Ath's that dominate teams.

Have fun in your armed forces bowl while utah will end up in the Holiday or Sun Bowl.........

Logan, UT

Of course fact that 4 of the "top 5" recruits in this article are committed to BYU has nothing to do with the fact this article was printed in the Deseret News. Of course if it was in the trib the result would have been the exact opposite for Utah.
Wouldn't it be nice if Utah had a third major newspaper that wasn't ultra conservative or blatantly anti-mormon. They could call it the Actual News Newspaper, a place where utahns could read about what is actually happening in the state. Heck they might even have a story about the Aggies once in a while, you know just for fun.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Utah should just stop trying. There is no way any of their players will ever be good.

Kearns, UT

Forget the fact that Utah commit, and BYU shun, Chase Hansen had like 8 TD's and over 500 yards total offense last week.

DNews + Gurney = Completely unbiased!

Farmington, UT

Re: williary

This is Gurney's list from last week. There is another list from this week that has Hansen #1 for that very performance your citing. How does that egg on your face taste?

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