30 Disney scenes featuring hidden characters from other Disney movies

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Casual moviegoers may catch a glimpse of a special scene or feature if they're willing to stick around while the closing credits roll, but movie buffs take the hunt for hidden images and nods to other productions to a new level — often referring to these as "easter eggs."

During the past few decades, Disney Animation and Disney Pixar have created more than enough "easter eggs" to keep fans on the lookout and eager to share their finds.

Sites such as HiddenMickey.org and blogs.disney.com highlight these movie scenes with hidden characters and items from other Disney productions.

Film fans and compilers of this information have noticed that some of the hidden images are not recognizable immediately after the film's release because the item or character is from a future Disney movie.

Some staple examples, though, are more easily recognized and appear in multiple movies, such as the Pizza Planet truck from "Toy Story" (which is in most every Pixar film), the Pixar (Luxo) ball, and a silhouette of Mickey Mouse.

Because of the popularity of these hidden images, books have even been published pointing out the special scenes.

Although this is far from a complete list, enjoy 30 scenes featuring Disney characters and items in movies other than their own.

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Third try screen name
Mapleton, UT

It's not just Disney.
You can see Spiderman in The Italian Job and Senator Roland Burris in The Fugitive.

Bob Pomeroy
Bisbee, AZ

Disney animators hid all sorts of stuff in their work. much was a sort of negative commentary on Walt. There was a secret 'perk' for working there. Much of it may be interpreted as having been generated by his notoriously low wages.

West Columbia, TX

He paid nice and advanteous wages. He was extremely demanding, the reason for the almost perfectness of his work. He was both his kind mother and ever demanding father.


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