Veggies, dinos and stars: What do you know about Utah's state symbols?

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Ravell Call, Deseret News
A. "Utah, This Is The Place"

"Utah We Love Thee," listed as option C on the previous slide, is Utah's original state song, but the song was changed to "Utah, This Is The Place" in 2003.

"Utah We Love Thee" was then designated as the Utah State Hymn.

According to pioneer.utah.gov, "Utah, This Is The Place" was written in 1996 for Utah's centennial celebration. During debate over designating it as the state song in 2003, then-Rep. Gordon Snow asked if composers Sam and Gary Francis would give up their copyright, thus preventing them from gaining royalties each time the song was sung. The website says that after Snow's question, "someone, later identified as one of the composers, in the Legislative gallery shouted out 'yes!'"

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Medical Lake, Washington

I actually got several right -- though I admit, a few were guesses.

Laura Ann
Layton, UT

Got almost all of them right, but I had an advantage. I taught fourth graders Utah history for many years.

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